Organizational Leadership

Leadership of the society is usually vested in a Board of Directors, whose members generally include the president, president-elect and/or vice president, secretary, treasurer, immediate past president, and committee chairs or member representatives as appropriate. An Executive Committee, comprised of the key officers, manages the society's affairs in the interval between Board meetings.

A good board:

  • Inspires and leads
  • Identifies priority needs and goals
  • Cooperates with other groups that are working toward similar goals
  • Establishes an orderly procedure for the selection, orientation and training of new board members
  • Organizes itself and its staff for optimum production

Duties of Officers


  • Chairs meetings of the board and general membership
  • Works with the other leaders to identify member needs
  • Appoints committees to achieve organizational goals
  • Serves as or appoints a media spokesperson for the association
  • Maintains relationships with other regional medical organizations
  • Responds to appropriate correspondence
  • Sets the society's agenda
  • Supervises the Executive Director
  • Maintains a close relationship with ASPS in conducting society activities
  • Coordinates the society's interaction with ASPS staff
  • Represents the society at the Council on State Affairs in Plastic Surgery (or appoints the state's key legislative contact as the representative to the Council)

President-Elect (or Vice President)
The president-elect/vice president is charged with assisting or acting on behalf of the president. If necessary, the president-elect/vice president assumes the duties of president. While the president-elect has no specific responsibilities, consideration may be given to assigning certain programmatic areas to the position. These might include long range planning, communications and public relations, government relations or annual meeting.


  • Keeps all current files and assures access to historical files
  • Records, distributes and maintains minutes of all society meetings
  • Responds to appropriate correspondence
  • Files required corporation reports with the state or coordinates these efforts with the association's accountant and legal counsel
  • Keeps updated membership lists, working in conjunction with ASPS membership staff
  • Prepares and distributes meeting announcements and agendas
  • Submits bylaws changes to membership, as required
  • Prepares periodic reports to ASPS with updated calendar of events, membership listings and officers


  • Administers the funds of the society
  • Maintains accurate financial records of all expenses and revenues; retains all bank statements and cancelled checks
  • Prepares necessary budget information and financial forecasts
  • Files necessary state and federal tax reports and returns
  • Maintains checking and investment accounts
  • Recommends investment policies and authorizes investments and disbursements
  • Recommends insurance coverage
  • Coordinates periodic, independent audits
  • Responds to appropriate correspondence
  • Coordinates dues billings and payments received
  • Prepares regular financial reports (balance sheets, income and expense reports)
  • Invoices for services/products rendered and maintains other accounts receivable