PSF Policy

Q:  Does PSF have an indirect policy?

A:  Yes.  PSF does not support indirect or administrative costs. For additional information please visit the PSF Research Grant and Fellowship Applications.

Q:  Can I apply to more than one PSF Grant Program with the same idea?

A:  No.  Each applicant may only apply to one PSF Grant Program.  Grant applications that are applied to multiple programs, with the same idea, will not be reviewed.  Please refer to each program's eligibility criteria and guidelines to select the most appropriate program for your grant application.  Grant applications that do not adhere to the program guidelines will not be reviewed. 

PSF Grant Program Eligibility

Q:  I am not an ASPS member; can I apply for a PSF grant?

A:  Yes.  If you are not an ASPS member, you may apply for a PSF grant with an ASPS Member Sponsor (Active or Candidate). Please refer to our grant guidelines for additional information.

Q:  I'm a resident/fellow with ASPS.  Do I still need an ASPS member sponsor?

A:  Yes.

Q:  I am a general surgery resident, planning on pursuing a career in plastic surgery.  Am I eligible to apply for a PSF grant?

A:  A general surgery resident may apply for PSF funding as long as he or she meets all grant guideline and eligibility requirements.

Q:  Do I need to be a US Citizen to apply for a PSF grant? 

A:  No, however the applicant must be able to provide proof that the research will be conducted at an accredited United States or Canadian Institution and that they are eligible to perform the work at one of these Institutions.

Q:  Can a medical student be a Co-PI on a PSF grant?

A:  No.  An Investigator must be a MD, DO or PhD and hold a full-time position in a Department of Plastic Surgery or equivalent.  Please refer to the program guidelines for more information on eligibility. 

Q:  If I am junior faculty and already salaried, am I still eligible to apply for a research fellowship since the money is for salary support only?

A:  Yes.  Your institution may use the fellowship award to supplement your salary so that you may be able to accept the PSF award.

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PSF Grant Programs

PSF Pilot Research Grant

Q:  Does the Pilot Research Grant cover salary?

A:  No.  As stated in the guidelines, the Pilot Research Grant does not cover salary or indirects, this also includes fringe benefits.

Q:  Can I submit more than one application to the Pilot Research Grant Program?

A:  Applicants may submit more than one application to the Pilot Research Grant Program as long as the applications are scientifically different.  

PSF Research Fellowship

Q:  If I received a research fellowship, can I apply for the wound care research fellowship?

A:  No.  As stipulated in the PSF guidelines, you may not hold concurrent fellowship awards. 

Q:  Does the Research Fellowship cover fringe benefits? 

A:  No.  PSF Research Fellowships are for salary support only. 

Q:  If I am applying to the Fellowship, which only covers salary support, do I need to supply a Budget Justification?

A:  Yes.  Please utilize the budget justification page to confirm that any salary shortfall will be provided by your Institution and to also detail the costs of the associated research project. 

PSF Scientific Essay Contest

Q:  I applied for the Scientific Essay Contest.  I now learned that my essay (or data from my essay) is going to be published sometime this year.  Is my essay still eligible for the competition?

A:  Yes.  As the guidelines read, at the time of submission, you were not a published author.  Therefore, you are still eligible.

Q:  If my essay is selected for an award, can I submit a revised version to PRS?

A:  Yes.  PSF encourages all first authors to submit their essay to PRS.

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Components of a PSF Grant Application

Q:  Do I need to mail a physical copy of my application to the Plastic Surgery Foundation?

A:  No.  The PSF grant application process is paperless.  All applications must be submitted online through proposalCENTRAL.

Q:  Are page limits enforced?

A:  There is some flexibility but please do keep in mind the reviewer's time.

Q:  If I am a resident at a certain Institution, and will be doing my research at a hospital affiliated with my Institution, which should I put down on my application as the Institution?

A:  Please place the Institution that will administer the grant on your application.

Q:  Who qualifies as key personnel on my application?

A:  Any Principal Investigator, Co-Investigators, Mentor, Sponsor or Collaborator.

Q:  Do all my key personnel on my application in proposalCENTRAL need to complete a professional profile?

A:  Yes.  All key personnel must complete a professional profile in proposalCENTRAL. Once this is done, their professional profile will be stored in proposalCENTRAL and they will not have to enter it again for any other application.

Q:  I am a resident and will be applying with a Sponsor.  I understand that if awarded the grant, my Sponsor will be recognized as PI.  Do I need to change my role in proposalCENTRAL, or do I keep my role as PI?

A:  You may keep your role as PI in proposalCENTRAL.

Q:  Does an application require any other signatures besides the three (applicant, department chair, signing official) that are on the face page?

A:  No.  The three signatures which are on the first page of your face page are the only signatures an application requires.

Q:  Do I need to complete the Project Summary twice?

A:  Yes.  There will be a space provided in proposalCENTRAL to input a 2,000 character max Project Summary.  Additionally, you are required to upload your project summary to your application in Section 9 in proposalCENTRAL. 

Q:  At this time, we do not have Other Support for this project.  Do I still need to complete the "Other Support" section of my application?

A:  Please include the "Other Support" section of your application regardless of whether you have "Other Support".  If you do not have "Other Support" to report, please complete each section of the "Other Support" page with n/a. Please indicate if there is support pending.

Q:  How do I complete the Budget Justification page?

A:  This section of the grant application is used to clarify and describe the purpose and need for each item listed on the Detailed Budget page, ie, Personnel, Consultant Costs, Equipment, etc. Under Personnel, please be sure to explain the role of each person in the project. Provide as much detail as needed for you to demonstrate the proposed budget items to the reviewers.

Q:  What information are you looking for in the Consortium and Contractual Agreements section of the Research Plan?

A:  In this section of the Research Plan, we are looking for a copy or proof of a subcontract or agreement between Institutions for applications proposing multiple PIs at multiple Institutions. 

Q:  If I am the PI and I have a Co-PI, do I have to complete a Leadership Plan?

A:  Yes.  The Leadership Plan, which is part of the Research Plan, is reserved for the detailed description of the relationship between the PI and Co-PI as well as any project proposing multiple Investigators or subcontracts. 

Q:  What information are you looking for in the Leadership Plan?

A:  The Leadership Plan should describe the role of each PI on the project in the event there are multiple PIs at the same Institution, or multiple PIs at multiple Institutions.  The governance and organizational structure of the leadership team and the research project should be described, including communication plans, process for making decisions on scientific direction, and procedures for resolving conflicts 

Q:  What relationships do I need to describe in the Leadership Plan?

A:  Please fully describe any relationship that exists between PI and Co-PI as well as multiple study site Principal Investigators or subcontractors.

Q:  May I submit an application if I don't yet have an IRB/IACUC Approval for the project?

A:  Yes.  The PSEF allows you ninety (90) days after written notification of your award to return your approvals to the Executive Office. 

Q:  Do my letters of support need to have signatures?

A:  Yes, you must collect signatures on all letters of support.

Q:  What does a letter of support need to say?

A:  All Co-Investigators/Collaborators must provide you with a letter of support which briefly details their role in the project and commitment to the project as well as support of you as an Investigator and your proposed project.

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PSF Grant Program Administration

Q:  If funded, when will I receive my funding?

A:  The PSF makes grant funds available July 1 of the award year.  Depending on the program, you may receive multiple disbursements over the academic calendar year.

Q:  When will I know if my grant was accepted?

A:  Typically, the PSF announces funding status by the end of May.

PSF Reviewers of Grant Applications

Q:  May I review a grant if I am with the same Institution as the applicant?

A:  No.  This is a direct conflict of interest.

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