Jennifer McCormickFunctional Microanatomy of the Facial NerveKalliroi TzafettaEastern Virginia Medical SchoolCranio/Maxillofacial/Head and Neck2007VABasic Research Grant

Despite huge interest in the facial nerve by many disciplines, its extratemporal microanatomy remains controversial, especially in the periorbital and midbrow regions. The purpose of this study is to combine electrophysiology and microanatomy to better define the extratemporal microanatomy of the facial nerve. Special interest is going to be paid to the periorbital area and glabella, and mapping of the innervation of the orbicularis oculi, procerus and corrugator supercilii muscles. The intention is for this study to serve as a guide of the facial nerve microanatomy and its variations for facial rejuvenation surgery, especially useful both for the aggressive and minimally invasive approaches to the face.

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