TIPS: May 31 - June 2, 2013 | San Francisco, CA

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Dr. Neumeister

“TIPS represents The PSF’s commitment to research and cooperation. This is the next step for innovation in technology – it is a wonderful forum where we are able to discuss face-to-face and in an unencumbered fashion, the pros and cons of what's being touted as great products. It also feeds into The PSF's mission of improving patient care through research and innovation.”
-Michael Neumeister, MD, PSF Immediate Past President



  • Drive Innovation for Patients.
    There are many areas in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery where significant tools remain undiscovered and urgent needs remain unmet.
  • Optimize R&D Investment.
    TIPS supports the medical device industry by highlighting what active clinicians want and need in their practice. The meeting provides a forum for attendees and allows them the opportunity to learn more about the features of these products and devices so they can differentiate hype from efficient medical technologies enabling successful technologies to prosper.
  • Impact the Direction of Technology.
    There is a constant stream of technologies introduced in plastic surgery. Clinical practitioners are oversold and inundated with "new" technologies, which has led to skepticism. TIPS changes this perception by targeting ‘early adopter physicians' and enables them to make an impact on the direction of technology investment into more meaningful areas.

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