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Practice Philosophy

Dr Friedlander understands that beauty is a joy forever, or at least it should be. It is not vain or foolish to want to look as good as you feel. In fact we try this daily with makeup, hair color and style, padded/push up bras and choice of clothing. These are excellent techniques for short term improvement. Dr. Friedlander understands this, performing many of the same rituals herself. Some people wonder whether cosmetic surgery will be right for them, they question how it  will affect their family and professional life, and are hesitant to dive right in. She discusses the importance of a healthy lifestyle, but knows firsthand that professional and maternal responsibilities sometimes overwhelm us, preventing us from taking care of ourselves. Plastic surgery, no matter how big or small a procedure, can make all the difference in how we feel about ourselves and how we interact with those around us.

Qualifications, credentials, and certificates are very important, but they can be hard to relate to. It is your relationship with the surgeon that counts. Dr. Friedlander takes sincere interest in her patients, and it shows in her ability to understand your concerns. She uses her more than 20 years of experience to advise you and help you to arrive at the decision that is best for you. No question is too small or unimportant. You are welcome to return as many times before and after surgery as needed so she, or her nurse, can address your every concern. You will find that she explains things clearly and patiently. You will also find our staff very attentive, providing unexpected personal touches. These are the characteristics that will make your experience special.



Breast Surgery (Augmentation, Uplift, Reduction,

                       and Revision)

Body Contouring(Liposuction, Tummy Tucks)

Facial Rejuvination( Fillers,Botox, Eyelid Lifts)


The consultation serves multiple purposes. It provides you with an introduction to Dr. Friedlander and her staff, and it allows you to find out more about the procedure you are interested in. Dr. Friedlander will perform a medical history and then spend time listening carefully to you describe your surgical goals.  She understands that there are some anxieties about elective surgery and makes it a point to get to know you in a comfortable setting before examining you. She will take the time to understand what your objectives are and then outline an approach to achieve your goals. It is important to have a realistic understanding of what can be achieved. She will help you create a foundation by discussing diet, exercise, skin health, and other basics before proceeding with the building blocks of surgery. You will have the opportunity to view photographs of others who have undergone surgery, and you will see what results can be achieved.


Maintaining patient safety is Dr Friedlander's highest priority. She  performs all major surgery in a hospital, or freestanding ambulatory surgery center. Minor surgical procedures, involving local anesthesia are preformed in the comfort of her office.

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636 Morris Turnpike
Short Hills, NJ 07078-2608
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636 Morris Tkpe Suite 2G Short Hills,NJ 07078 Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM Phone: 973-912-9120 Fax: 973-912-9120

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