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Practice Philosophy

Carl W. Lentz, III, MD, FACS believes that there is no more sacred relationship than that of doctor-patient. It is a sacred relationship in which the needs and goals of the patient are always the fine, merry concern of both the physician and the patient. It is with compassion and competency that Dr. Lentz addresses each patient and their specific problems. On occasion, however, there will be opportunities for Dr. Lentz to suggest procedures which may not have been considered by the patient because the patient may not have been aware of the possibilities. For cancer and infection, Dr. Lentz believes that there are some specific needs. All reconstructions, however, must be discussed in detail so the patient can understand the limits of the successful reconstructions. As far as cosmetic surgery, all cosmetic surgery should only be considered if it is completely clear to the patient what the goals, risks and cost involved are. It is critical that the patient and the surgeon both be very clear as to what the expected outcomes will be.


All consultations are handled on a one-on-one basis with Dr. Carl Lentz. At the appointed time of the consultation, Dr. Lentz will usually meet with you in his private office to discuss what your concerns and interests are. He will go over the entire spectrum of possible solutions and /or complications. After that, the patient will be taken to the examining room where appropriate examination of the area of concern or interests will be carried out as well as any appropriate general physical examination which would be indicated by the desired surgical procedures. Consultations are always held in the strictest of confidence. The goal is to allow the patient to express their concerns and interests and try to work through the different concerns of the patient so that at the end of the consultation, the patient will feel comfortable about what is exactly proposed as the problem and what are the recommended solutions with the risks, benefits and associated complications.


Dr. Lentz has a AAAASF certified operating room suite consisting of two operating rooms where general IV sedation and local anesthesia can be performed in a safe, private and convenient manner. The operating room is staffed by anesthesiologists, certified nurses and OR techs. The recovery room is staffed by nurses and techs who are well versed and trained in observing patients for any possible need. Almost all surgeries can be performed in the outpatient surgery facility with the exception of those surgeries that require hospitalization in which I feel would be best to have the surgery performed in the operating room at the hospital.

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1040 W International Speedway Blvd
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
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Monday through Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

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