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Practice Philosophy

My primary goal is to produce happy patients with excellent results. I want to be expert in my surgery, thus I have gone to the finest schools and best training programs in our country. I have limited my practice to areas that I enjoy and am best at. I try to be Christ like in all I do; as a surgeon this means treating patients as I would want to be treated.


Breast Surgery
Body Contouring
Skin Cancer Surgery


As a patient your consultation begins when you call to make an appointment. The success of my practice is not only determined by my efforts as a surgeon but also by the efforts of my staff.  I have excellent medical assistants, Sarah and Stacy.  Sarah and Stacy care as deeply for our patients as I do. Both are pleasant, cheerful and work very hard towards the goal of providing happy patients with good results. Your initial appointment and your surgery will be scheduled in a timely fashion that is as convenient as possible for you. At your consultation Sarah or Stacy will first review your medical history with you. I will then speak with you, examine you, and discuss your options with you. We will look at pictures of my patients to help with your understanding of the procedure and your expectations. We try to be good listeners and give each patient all the time they need.

With breast surgery patients, Sarah will then spend time having the patients actually "try on" some breast implants to get an idea of post operative results. Sarah then works with the patients to obtain pre op lab work; other physician clearances if these are needed.

I have many former patients who are glad to talk to prospective patients about their own experiences and Sarah will connect the two parties if a patient so desires. This can be a great aid to understanding. Our billing specialist Susan, then works out the details of cost and authorization.

Once the consultation is over patients may call us back later with further questions. These calls are generally returned that day or the very next working day.


I operate primarily at St. Joseph's Outpatient and Good Samaritan Surgicenter. These are outpatient facilities located on the campuses of major hospitals. At both of these facilities the staff is excellent and all the best technology is available. Although the surgery I do is not life threatening, I feel it is important to be on the grounds of a major hospital. Thus, if any serious complications were to develop, immediate access to the finest medical center is available.

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Location & Office Hours

Suite 960
500 W. Thomas
Phoenix, AZ 85013
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Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Payment Options

Medicaid, Medicare, Visa, MasterCard, Cash, Personal Checks

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