Welcome to Plastic Surgery Post

Welcome to Plastic Surgery Post! This is our new blog by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons - more conveniently known as ASPS.

Dr. David B. ReathPlastic surgery is a creative field and it may not surprise you to know that a lot of plastic surgeons, that is to say ASPS members, are creative, and not just in the operating room. In fact, many of us get a kick out of writing about plastic surgery. Whether it's the latest hype about something new, a big story in the news, or just something about medicine in general, there always seems to be something to write about. 

Our band of blogging plastic surgeons want to provide you with some interesting reading -- and we'll go easy on the undecipherable medical jargon. What we really want is to have a casual conversation with you about things of interest. However, we will always try to give you the facts especially with topics where the truth seems to be a bit obscure. But please give us some feedback. If we're talking over your head or under your feet, call us out on that.

Finding the things that are of interest to you is something we will always be focused on. Some topics are no-brainers, like the debacle with the French breast implants that were made with industrial silicone. Plenty to write about on this one (and rest assured that none of these were used in the US). There will be many different things we blog about, and one way or another they will relate back to plastic surgery. However, let us know if there is something you want to know more about, a possible myth to dispel, or something that you may have heard or read about.

So stay tuned. There should be some good blogs coming your way, from ASPS members across the country. Happy reading!

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