While at her parent's farm outside of Little Rock, Ark., Elaine Ferri was working with a horse named Forbidden Aly when every trainer's worst nightmare occurred. The young filly became frightened and kicked, shattering all of the bones in the central and left side of her face with one blow.

Ferri endured several surgeries over the next 12 days, as doctors attempted to repair her facial fractures and save her eye (which failed). However, due to her lack of health insurance, Ferri was discharged from the hospital without having received the full spectrum of care.

Shortly thereafter, an ASPS Member Surgeon in her area heard of her story and offered his services on a pro bono basis. Ferri's course of treatment included creating a custom cranial implant to replace lost tissue, inserting a cheek implant, surgically elevating her left lower eyelid, and performing an upper blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) on her right side to enhance symmetry.

Since her surgeries, Ferri has been able to see Forbidden Aly race (and win) on television, and she is anxious to return to training.