This plastic surgery testimonial describes the journey of Bonnie Northey, a passionate swimmer and breast cancer survivor. When Bonnie, of Lead, S.D., was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 69, she was devastated to think she would not be able to wear a swimsuit and get back in the water.

Her ASPS Member Surgeon advised her to have immediate breast reconstruction after her mastectomy. Bonnie agreed to the reconstruction and was back to swimming soon after surgery.

Since her breast reconstruction, Bonnie has won a gold medal in the Senior Olympics, speaks to numerous groups about breast reconstruction, and counsels women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was also honored as an ASPS Patient of Courage.

Bonnie has an enduring spirit that reminds us all that age is only a number, and reconstructive plastic surgery isn't just about healing someone physically but socially and psychologically as well.