Plastic Surgery Update is a new monthly video news report featuring hot topics in plastic surgery. From science and research to consumer trends, Plastic Surgery Update is a quick roundup of the most newsworthy stories in our field. Produced by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, this fast-paced, contemporary video is full of stories journalists and the public want to know about, told in a fun, informative and entertaining way.

June 2012 Edition

  • Stretch Mark Removal...for MEN - Trying to get Speedo-ready this summer? Laser treatment may be the answer. New ASPS statistics show more than 1.2 million cosmetic procedures were performed on men in 2011, up 6% from the previous year.
  • Bridal Beauty Procedures - Maybe it's not a Speedo, but a wedding dress you're worried about. June kicks off wedding season. Learn more about the five procedures brides love.
  • Noninvasive Fat Removal - Liposonix is the latest non-invasive fat removal device to get FDA approval, but is it the best solution for you? Liposonix vs. liposuction.