This plastic surgery testimonial is from Tina Driskell of Vienna, Va., who discovered she had a stomach tumor while undergoing surgery for organ donation.

When the five-month-old niece of a friend became extremely sick and needed liver tissue to survive, Tina did not hesitate to donate part of her liver. Two years later, she developed an aggressive tumor on the scar from her surgery.

Although surgeons were able to remove the tumor, Driskell had a severely deformed abdomen that required multiple reconstructive plastic surgeries. After having the tumor removed, Tina turned to her ASPS Member Surgeon for reconstructive plastic surgery.

Despite a long battle with her insurance company, including several denials, Driskell was never bitter about her situation and persevered, eventually getting her insurance carrier's approval with the help of her plastic surgeon, who later nominated her as an ASPS Patient of Courage.