Unaware of my own destiny, in December, 1996 I decided to watch, on cable, The Learning Channel and viewed the Tram-flap Reconstructive surgery performed by Dr. Susan Downey. I was amazed by the entire procedure and its long-term results.

Two months later, and two weeks before my baby's first birthday, I was diagnosed with breast cancer during a routine mammography and would require a mastectomy at 39 years old. I clung to my thoughts of this wonderful surgery, which I now desired. After much research, there was no question about my choice. The tram-flap surgery required no maintenance, it feels and moves like my natural breast and was going to be my own tissue. When coupling this surgery with Dr. Allen Rosen, I felt as though a warm, comfortable blanket had been placed around me and I anxiously awaited my surgery.

I am ten weeks post-operatively. I wake up smiling, enjoy my children and husband and have resumed a normal life in every way. I have minimal emotional and physical scarring thanks to this caring and talented doctor.

There is no doubt that this type of surgery enabled me to put this cancer behind me forever. As always, Dr. Rosen kept this promise and made me as good as new.


Arlene from New Jersey