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How can my company become an ASPS endorsed business partner?

ASPS has assembled a group of the best plastic surgery services and made them available to our members under the ASPS Endorsed Practice Solutions program.

ASPS endorsed programs offer preferred pricing and special plans designed specifically for ASPS members. To be included in this group, each service is required to meet the highest standard of quality and cost-effectiveness.

For more information on how to become an endorsed business partner of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, please contact Kathy Feifar at or (847) 981-5411.

How do we select endorsed resources for our members?

As a plastic surgeon and business owner, you don't have a lot of time, but you do have a lot to manage. ASPS recognizes that finding resources from companies you can trust is half the battle.

With ASPS Endorsed Practice Solutions, you can make your decisions with confidence, knowing our endorsed services have been fully researched and vetted.

Fulfills ASPS member needs

You're talking and we hear you! ASPS pursue endorsements that are of interest to our members. We listen to members through surveys, member events, in addition to your feedback through letters, calls and emails.

Is an industry leader

For each service ASPS completes a thorough industry search and selects only the leading products and companies for further review. Our due diligence process includes competitive research, financial reviews and visits.

Possess high customer service standards

The companies we select deliver the highest quality customer support ASPS members expect, with our staff acting as your advocate. We track phone calls regarding your questions and concerns and take them all into account when managing the program.

Offers ASPS members preferred pricing

Every partner offers exclusive values and discounts to ASPS members

Benefit to ASPS

Every program means more member benefits and additional revenue to the society, helping support the value of your membership.


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