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The Plastic Surgery Foundation (PSF) supports investigators from the beginning of their careers, during residency, on up to well-established plastic surgeons by offering a comprehensive research grant program focused entirely on advancing innovation and clinical practice in Plastic Surgery. The PSF offers research and training grants ranging from $10,000 to $50,000. Every year The PSF receives between 125 and 150 applications requesting more than $3 million dollars in funding for clinically relevant research and training. Grants range from pilot research grants, intended to support residents and junior faculty in their efforts to address focused research questions, obtain preliminary data to support larger grant proposals in the future, and develop a line of research that can be carried forward into an academic career; to more established projects such as the NEPS Grant Mechanism, designed to support research projects which translate clinical or basic science research findings into clinically relevant advancements or tools with a high likelihood of impacting daily practice and patient care within the next few years. The PSF also awards highly competitive Research Fellowship training grants that support investigators for a one-year training experience to encourage research and academic career development in plastic surgery.

Corporate Support Opportunities

Opportunities exist to support The PSF grant program, in several different ways:

  • Provide unrestricted grant funds to support The PSF grant program, with dollars to be awarded to deserving applications at The PSF's sole discretion of investigator and topic area.
  • Provide directed grant funds that would be put toward one area of research.

Sponsors have an opportunity to work with The PSF to establish a named funding mechanism, which would be awarded by The PSF. Named grants require a three-year commitment, and would be available in the following categories:

  • Named Pilot Research Grant: $37,500
  • Named Larger Research Grant: $157,500
  • Named Research Fellowship: $157,500

Sponsors providing unrestricted or directed grant funds will be recognized as supporters of The PSF Grant Program on The PSF Website, and in materials promoting The PSF Grant program. A progress report will be provided each year to highlight the project(s) that were funded through the sponsorship.

Named Funding Mechanisms will be designated by the company name, or such name as the company chooses. Your company will be listed on the grant application and guidelines. Researchers and their sponsoring institutions will be notified directly of the donor's support. Your company will be acknowledged on the ASPS/The PSF website, in paper presentations and announced in ASPS/The PSF publications as appropriate.


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