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Join ASPS as we launch a new podcast series on practice management, to be available in both the Apple and Android podcast stores. More and more, we are absorbing information in small clips of audio. Whether driving in our cars or walking around the block, listening to podcasts is becoming an extremely popular pastime.

Note: Speakers, topics and release dates are subject to change

July 2021 – Leadership Conversations Part 2

Special Guest Hosts Dr. Gordon Lee and Dr. Michelle Roughton

  • Leadership with a Little "l" – Vikram Sharma and Phil Higton (British Airways)
  • Honesty in Leadership: Relationships of Trust – Joseph Blocher (Duke University School of Law)
  • The Path to Your True Calling – Robbie Poe (COO Amelia Aesthetics)

September 2021 – Patient Management

  • Dealing with Insurance – Catherine French and Dr. Joe Hadeed
  • Managing Patient Expectations – Dr. Devra Becker
  • Training Staff on How to Talk to Patients – Marie Oleson
  • How to Get Patients in the Door... And Keep Them Coming Back – Dr. Kristen Messina

November 2021 – Valuation of Your Practice

  • Valuating & Selling a Practice – Helen Daniel
  • Timeline of Starting your Practice – Jonathon Sawh-Martinez
  • Adding Your Own Surgical Suite – Dr. Ashley Gordon
  • Compensation Models/Bonuses – Vanessa Aragay

Corporate Support Opportunities


  • Exclusive sponsorship of a podcast regular season with host recognition at start and end of podcast episode
  • Opportunity to provide speaker or case study for discussion to be integrated as a segment in one episode (content/speaker must be relevant to podcast content)
  • Inclusion of one pre-role advertising placement


  • Opportunity to identify a topic to be incorporated as a "special edition" bonus episode to an existing section
  • Ability to develop, script, record, and edit the content for an Enhance Your Practice Podcast (maximum of 25 minutes)
  • Ability for sponsor to include promotional commercials in the 25-minute timeline
  • Content must be review and approval by ASPS Ed Net Chairs and/or Enhance Your Practice Podcast Chairs
  • ASPS podcast host will provide the introduction and wrap up the "special edition" episode

Advertising Opportunities


  • One (1) 15-second advertisement at the beginning of podcast for the host to discuss the sponsor's product


  • One (1) 60-second advertisement with host discussing their experience with the sponsor's product


  • One (1) 30-second advertisement at the end of the podcast with audio provided by the sponsor

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