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Join ASPS as we launch a new podcast series on practice management, to be available in both the Apple and Android podcast stores. More and more, we are absorbing information in small clips of audio. Whether driving in our cars or walking around the block, listening to podcasts is becoming an extremely popular pastime.

Note: Speakers, topics and release dates are subject to change

January 2020 – Next Steps

This season covers topics for surgeons just starting out in the field or those wrapping up their residencies. There are a lot of choices facing new plastic surgeons, aside from what type of clinical procedures they'd like to specialize in – where should I work; how do I know it'll be a good fit for me; what should you look for in an employer or practice, as well as in the employment contract. As new surgeons navigate the field, it can be very overwhelming without a lot of guidance or resources available. This season tries to provide some of those answers or at least, insight on choices others have made.


  • What kind of practices are there and what should I be doing? – Dr. Mo Nahabedian
  • Do I become an employee or my own boss? Picking the right Group/Institution/Private Practice to join. – Dr. Warren Ellsworth and Dr. Aviva Preminger
  • Top 10 things to consider with an employment contract – Dr. Neal Reisman
  • How can I find a mentor? – Dr. Kavitha Ranganathan

March 2020 – Med Spas

As plastic surgeons venture into this additional channel of aesthetics, they often find themselves looking for support. There are many considerations one must make when adding a Med Spa to their practice – Where do you get started; what services should you offer; what kind of staff is required? This season provides tips and first-hand accounts of what it takes to open your very own Med Spa.


  • Why I opened a med spa and why you should consider adding one to your practice – Dr. Heather Furnas
  • Opening multiple med spas – Dr. Karol Gutowski
  • Marketing your med spa – Dr. Dana Coberly
  • Male Aesthetics in your Practice – Dr. Douglas Steinbrech

April 2020 – Work/Life Balance

Burnout is a tremendous challenge facing surgeons today, especially those new to the field. Hear from your colleagues on dealing with work/life balance, building resilience and relationships. Women and surgeons of color face unique challenges in this field. Listen to their stories of breaking into a field that didn't always feel welcoming.


  • Physician Wellness During the COVID-19 Crisis
  • Relationships in and out of the office – Dr. Michael Bentz and Dr. Ash Patel
  • Ergonomics – Dr. Scott Hollenbeck and Dr. Douglas Steinbrech
  • Women – Balancing residency with being a mom – Dr. Lily Mundy and Dr. Kavitha Ranganathan
  • Finding balance – Fatherhood and plastic surgery episode with special guest host Dr. Kavitha Ranganathan – Dr. Joseph Lopez and Dr. Christian Vercler
  • Raising a Successful Family – Dr. Heather Furnas and Dr. Paul Cederna

May 2020 – Let's Talk about Money

This season delves into one of the most stressful issues facing surgeons at any stage of practice finances. Hear from experts on the topics of saving for your kids' college, financial advisors, protecting your assets and managing debt.


  • How do I deal with my debt? – Adrienne Upchurch, MBA, CFP, CLU
  • Protecting your assets! – Carole C. Foos, CPA
  • Choosing the right financial planner
  • Rebuilding After Catastrophe

July 2020 – Pros and Pitfalls of Starting Your Own Practice

You made the decision to open your own practice, but have you considered all the details? Hear from the experts on issues like office flow, cybersecurity, aesthetic design of your office and more.


  • Things you should know about starting your own practice... but probably don't – Dr. Smita Ramanadham
  • Designing your private practice
  • Cybersecurity
  • Office Flow
  • Telehealth

September 2020 – Staff

Staffing is one of the biggest challenges surgeons face in setting up their practice. How do you know what staff you need and whether they'll be a good fit? Once you have the right people hired, how do you train them on what they need to know? Staff retention and turnover can cost a fortune- how can it be avoided. This season covers all of the ins-and-outs of staffing.

Also available: An interactive course with free resources such as training checklists and sample job descriptions.


  • What staff do you need? – Joanne Dennison, ASPSP President
  • How do you choose the right staff?
  • Retaining staff! – Sandy Roos, Co-Founder of Practice Enhancement Specialists
  • Working with Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants
  • Outsourcing

November 2020 – Finances!

You've gotten started and have a plan for paying off your student debt... but what about your future income? Investments? Retirement?? This season has you covered on getting started and all the questions you may not even know to ask.


  • How I financed my Private Practice without a loan – Dr. John Apostolides
  • Things I wish I'd known before taking out a personal loan
  • Too early to start planning for retirement?

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