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Plastic Surgery Hotseat presents Plastic Surgeons: Views on Clinical Controversies. In this new clinical podcast featuring controversial topics or differing opinions on procedural paths, ASPS EdNet and ASPS University come together to tackle tough topics in breast, pediatric, craniofacial, aesthetic, reconstructive and extremities.

Upcoming Episodes

  • February: That's Tight! Noninvasive Technologies to Tighten Skin
  • March: Long-Term Outcomes of Pre-Pec vs Traditional Dual Plane or Submuscular
  • May: The Use of Robotics in Plastic Surgery
  • July: Contemporary Amputee Management: Point vs Counterpoint – TMR/RPNI
  • September: Who's Your Plastic Surgeon? Do You Really Know? Regulations, Legislation, Credentialing, Truth in Advertising, Patient Education – What Questions Should Your Patients Be Asking?
  • November: Capsular Contracture – BIA-ALCL: Point vs Counterpoint – Reconstructive vs Cosmetic En Bloc
  • December: Advanced Topics Within Lymphedema Surgery

Corporate Support Opportunities


  • Exclusive sponsorship of a podcast regular season with host recognition at start and end of podcast episode
  • Opportunity to provide speaker or case study for discussion to be integrated as a segment in one episode (content/speaker must be relevant to podcast content)
  • Inclusion of one pre-role advertising placement

Advertising Opportunities


  • One (1) 15-second advertisement at the beginning of podcast for the host to discuss the sponsor's product


  • One (1) 60-second advertisement with host discussing their experience with the sponsor's product


  • One (1) 30-second advertisement at the end of the podcast with audio provided by the sponsor

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