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Support The Plastic Surgery Foundation as our members stand proud for what they do. The Plastic Surgery Foundation is creating a digital advertising campaign with the theme of "You. And The Plastic Surgery Foundation." The goal of the campaign is not only to educate the public regarding the depth and breadth of plastic surgery, but also to generate awareness for The Plastic Surgery Foundation as a non-profit organization worthy of philanthropic support. Through this engaging social media campaign, The Plastic Surgery Foundation asks and answers: "Who makes these innovations possible? You. And The Plastic Surgery Foundation."

Patient stories to include:

  • Migraine Headache Surgery
  • Breast Reconstruction
  • Reconstructive Surgery After Cancer (nose and facial reconstruction)
  • Cleft/Craniofacial
  • Transplantation

Upcoming Stories


Ask Gideon, age 10, what he enjoys the most and he'll probably share stories about his science class and video games. He may even tell you a joke or two. Gideon was born with Apert Syndrome. As is typical with the disease, his fingers and toes were fused together and he suffered from various craniofacial differences. After two surgeries to alleviate pressure on Gideon's brain, and he is feeling great about his progress. He still has more surgeries in his future, but he is keeping a positive attitude and receiving wonderful support from his family and his reconstructive plastic surgeon.


Don is a recipient of a new nose. A completely new nose. His reconstructive plastic surgeon fashioned Don a new nose from parts of his leg and head after he was diagnosed with cancer. Other practitioners worked to remove the cancerous growth inside Don's nose, but to no avail. The cancer kept returning. To completely eradicate the tumor, Don's nose had to be removed. Through the help of his plastic surgeon Don says his new nose functions just as well as the old one. He says he's pretty much forgotten that his nose used to be part of his leg. It looks and feels natural, he says.


Karen is a nurse. That means she's an educator and a caretaker. So after Karen's breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent breast reconstruction it was only natural for her to transfer her skillset into helping breast cancer survivors learn more about their reconstructive options. Karen is still committed to her role as a nurse, but she's added a new title, CEO. She leads Envision Life, Inc., a non-profit start-up, that supports women during and after their breast cancer treatment.

Corporate Support Opportunities


  • Recognized for a period of one (1) month as exclusive sponsor of the video posted via social media
  • Sponsor donates $1 for each like, comment, share and view generated by social media posts for The PSF or Breast Reconstruction Awareness Campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
    • Facebook: Like, Comment, Share, View
    • Twitter: Like/Favorite, Retweet, Mention, View
    • Instagram: Like/Heart, Comment, View
    • Ability for sponsor to share one hashtag to be published in all posts (must be reviewed and approved by ASPS)
    • Sponsor has rights to share video on their own social media in conjunction with The PSF hashtags
    • Recognized as a donor to The Plastic Surgery Foundation

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