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PSEN Resident Education Center
Corporate Support


Online Self-Directed / Group Learning Program
Number of U.S. Resident Enrollees: 1,450
Number of International Resident Enrollees: 425
Target Audience: Residents
Used by over 120 training programs around the world 99% of all domestic residents


Resident Education Center (REC) has been integrated into the curricula of most U.S.-based training programs for several years. The REC includes 88 modules of plastic surgery self-study content covering the breadth of plastic surgery practice. The modules open with an outline of the key learning points of that section and then require the resident to take a pre-test to gauge the base level of knowledge prior to exposure to the learning materials. Following the pre-test, the user is provided with at least five "best of" clinical journal articles to read, an audio-PowerPoint lecture to review, sample oral board cases to consider, and in many cases, surgical video. Finally, the user is provided with a reading list of additional resources to study, and a post-test, where they receive remediation via discussion and references.

Corporate Support Opportunities

Highlighted section on Resident Education Center Home Page and appropriate subspecialty pages that is linked to a dedicated module for sponsored content. Industry Sponsored Modules may include a mix of white papers, procedural videos, webinars and lecture recordings, all compiled on the REC for easy-to-access viewing by users.

  • Recognized on the home page of the Resident Education Center
  • Social Media recognition of sponsorship
  • Recognized in the quarterly publication, Plastic Surgery Resident

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