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PlastyPAC Get Out the Vote

Your Vote Impacts Your Practice

This year's election will be the most critical election cycle in more than a decade for plastic surgeons. We encourage you to vote at the polls or by mail in ballot by November 3, 2020, to protect your patients and practice!

Let's be clear on what is at stake this year. Financial relief for plastic surgery practices or more offices closing their doors during the pandemic. Medical liability reforms or more frivolous lawsuits. Fair balance billing reimbursements or insurance dictated payments. Positive Medicare payments or drastic cuts. Less administrative red tape or more paperwork and mandates. There's a lot on the line, and we all need to mobilize collectively for the future of the specialty.

PlastyPAC Still Fighting for Your Practice in Washington

That's why PlastyPAC is actively working to ensure that plastic surgery's priorities are heard and that we elect members of Congress that support and understand our issues. Since the start of the pandemic, the PAC has hosted 31 meetings with members of Congress to educate them about the Society's pandemic priorities. These meetings have successfully allowed us to communicate with one voice, supporting significant legislative wins for the Society such as job retention loans for small businesses (establishment of the Paycheck Protection Program); more than $100 billion in financial assistance to hospitals and physicians; tax relief for small business owners; and increased investments into the nation's PPE supply chain.

PlastyPAC's wins prove that elected officials are actually listening when we speak, which is a direct result of the efforts of plastic surgeons, like you, who educate policymakers about the impact of these proposals on your practice. However, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels and must continue to engage with lawmakers in advance of the 2020 election.

Help PlastyPAC get out the vote and hold your elected officials accountable to the issues impacting your patients and practice. The future of our specialty is counting on your vote in November!