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Nominating Committee

Elected Leader Position Application

The deadline for applying to serve in an elected leader position for the 2020 term (begins September 23, 2019) was April 29, 2019, at 11:59pm CDT.

Interview Sessions

The ASPS/PSF Nominating Committee will interview the semi-finalists on May 6 or May 30 (via video conference – Trustees, Judicial Council, Ethics Committee and Audit Committee positions) or June 1 (face-to-face meeting at the O'Hare Hilton Hotel for the Board positions). Interested candidates must make themselves available for their interview and the specific schedule will not be known until after the April 29 deadline.

Work of the Nominating Committee

Positions Slated or Appointed by the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall act as a search firm by vetting talent for open positions to be elected by Society members. Positions slated for election by Society members (follow the link to access the job description):

In addition to the slated positions for election, the Nominating Committee selects the ASPS and PSF members-at-large for the ASPS/PSF Audit Committee each year and recommends nominees for ASPS or PSF representatives to outside organizations, such as ABPS, ACS, CMSS, AMA, ACCME, ACGME, etc.

How do I get placed on the slate for one of the ASPS/PSF elected positions?

To encourage as broad a candidate pool as possible, a call for applications will be distributed via email to each Society member eligible to serve and each sister society's president and administrative liaison. Typically, the call for applications is distributed in December. However, the process has been delayed during the 2019 term. The application will be live between April 15 and April 29.

The Nominating Committee shall interview in person or by electronic means (i.e. video conference) the semifinalists for each elected position. Members who have served on ASPS or PSF committees, especially those who have served on committees related to the position's portfolio, shall be given greater consideration.

Candidates must abide by the Candidate Conduct Policy to avoid disqualification.

What is the order in which the Nominating Committee slates the positions?

The Nominating Committee decides on the retention and advancement [to ASPS or PSF President-elect] of current Board Vice Presidents prior to publicizing open positions on the ASPS or PSF Board of Directors.

Interviews with the President-elect and Board Vice President candidates will take place during a face-to-face meeting or video conference. Remaining interviews may be by phone, video conference or via face-to-face meetings. However, interviews with candidates for the Ethics Committee, Judicial Council, Trustees and Conflict of Interest Committee may take place prior to those for the open Board positions.

How does the Nominating Committee vet the officer positions?

The Nominating Committee considers the critical elements outlined below in their decision-making process for the officer positions (Presidents-elect and Board Vice Presidents).

  • Attendance on Executive Committee, Board of Directors, or committee calls and in person meetings
  • 360 evaluations from everyone with whom the candidate worked in an ASPS/PSF volunteer leadership capacity
    • Executive Leadership Team
    • Fellow committee members, including those who may have served under them
    • Committee chairs under whom they have served
    • Executive Committee members
    • Staff Liaisons
  • Any remediation required during their time as a Society member
  • Any significant or relevant history during their time as a Society member
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Activity within ASPS
  • Foundation and PlastyPAC (if U.S. citizen) donation history
  • Assessment of contribution/leadership, not just attendance, and any noteworthy contributions to ASPS (task force participant/chair, etc.)
  • Candidates must be available for the Nominating Committee to adequately assess them
  • Evaluation of the applicant's social media / website presence

Election to the Nominating Committee

Beginning with the 2019 term (Oct. 1, 2018 to Sep. 23, 2019), the ASPS/PSF Nominating Committee consists of 13 members:

  • 5 Regional Representatives (all voting, elected by Society members)
  • 2 ASPS Representatives (all voting; elected by the ASPS Board)
  • 2 PSF Representatives (all voting; elected by the PSF Board)
  • 1 carry-over member (voting; selected by the Board, who shall continue to alternate between ASPS and PSF prior term co-chairs)
  • 2 immediate past presidents (non-voting; 1 ASPS and 1 PSF, who serve as co-chairs)
  • 1 PSF public member (non-voting; selected by the PSF Board)

Regional Representative Election Timeline

Beginning Monday, Oct. 8, 2018, Society members may each nominate one (1) qualified Active member to serve on the 2019 Nominating Committee as a Regional Representative. Nominations and Nominees' Summary of Qualifications are due Monday, Oct. 22, 2018.

  • 10/8 Launch of the Call for Nominations and Summary of Qualifications online forms
  • 10/22 Deadline for Nominations and receipt of Nominees' Summary of Qualifications
  • 11/5 Ballot for Members to Elect Nominating Committee Regional Representatives goes live
  • 12/5 Deadline for voting on Nominating Committee Regional Representatives

Nominee Qualifications

To be placed on the ballot, eligible Nominating Committee Regional Representative candidates must meet the following criteria:


To ensure diversity of representation, five Regional Representatives to the Nominating Committee shall be elected by Society members. Membership has been apportioned among five geographic regions, so that each region represents approximately 20% of the total number of Active and Life Active members.

All eligible Nominating Committee candidates shall be placed on the ballot according to their geographic region, to be voted on by all Active and Life Active members of the Society regardless of region. (A link to each candidate's Summary of Qualifications shall be provided on the ballot to aid Society members during the Nominating Committee election process.) The individual receiving the most votes from each region shall represent that region on the Nominating Committee.

IMPORTANT: Nominator must have obtained prior consent from the Nominee. Nominator must inform the Nominee of the requirement to complete and submit the Summary of Qualifications form and Nominating Committee Attestation by Oct. 22, 2018.

Nominations will not be considered without receipt of the Nominee's Summary of Qualifications form and Attestation by the Oct. 22, 2018 deadline.

Lobbying Related to Nominating Committee Elections

Lobbying, for the purpose of soliciting votes for a particular candidate to serve on the Nominating Committee in order to further the chances of election of a candidate pursuing a leadership position, is not in accordance with the philosophy and values of ASPS and is not permitted and may result in disqualification of the Nominating Committee member and/or the candidate who applied for the position slated by the Nominating Committee.

All candidates running for a Nominating Committee Regional Representative position complete the Summary of Qualifications document for the express purpose of presenting voting members with consistent information on each candidate in order to base their decision. No other communication is allowed.

Nominations-Related Policies and Procedures

Nominating Committee Policies and Procedures

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