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Plastic Surgery Resident

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Plastic Surgery Resident is a quarterly publication created by the editors of Plastic Surgery News and Young Plastic Surgeons Perspective specifically to meet the needs of plastic surgery residents. The magazine offers career tips, recommended journal articles, CPT coding information and practice management topics that aren’t often included in a plastic surgery training program.

Recent Issues

Summer 2019

Includes stories on:
  • Training while keeping childbearing options alive
  • 'Mom docs' want their supervisors to know this
  • Come to the E.R. – fillers complications
  • Program Peek: University of Kansas
  • What to during 24 hours in Kansas City
  • Reviewing Problems in Periorbital Surgery
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Spring 2019

Includes stories on:
  • Medical mission trips: Food for the soul
  • Preparing for cleft lip in the In-Service Exam
  • On your pager: hand trauma
  • Program Peek: Johns Hopkins, U. of Maryland
  • What to during 24 hours in Baltimore
  • Perspective from new Resident Rep to ASPS board
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Winter 2018

Includes stories on:
  • A new training paradigm: Competency
  • A 'snakebite' appears on your E.D. pager
  • Armen Kasabian, MD, builds a program
  • UT Health San Antonio: Leaders, life and medicine
  • What I wish I'd known during my residency
  • New plastic surgery app follows drains
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Fall 2018

Includes stories on:
  • Discrimination by patients: How to react
  • Advocacy and plastic surgery in D.C.
  • Program Peek: Northwestern University
  • 24 hours in Chicago during PSTM
  • 10 journal articles on lymphedema
  • 'Blown away' by new app for flap surgery
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Summer 2018

Includes stories on:
  • Navigating the pitfalls of eScholarship
  • When marital arts and plastic surgery merge
  • Program Peek: Mayo Clinic
  • PlastyPAC resident ambassador's perspective
  • Going global: Helping sometimes helps
  • 24 hours in Rochester, Minn.
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Spring 2018

Includes stories on:
  • Social media pearls and pitfalls for residents
  • ASPS leadership on social media do's, don'ts
  • Breast augmentation via the Journal Club
  • In-Service Insights: Core surgical principles
  • 'Brainscape' app design to retain study data
  • 24 hours in Seattle
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Winter 2017

Includes stories on:
  • Rural medicine's advantages are many – and ignored
  • Residents Bowl 2017 champ: University of Washington
  • Program Peek: University of California-Los Angeles
  • PlastyPAC creates spot for residents on its BOG
  • ASMS: A changing of the youthful guard
  • What I learned about 'micro' at Chang Gung Hospital
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Fall 2017

Includes stories on:
  • Society's advocacy invite brings 18 residents to D.C.
  • You need personal time – don't be afraid to ask
  • Consult Corner focus: acute facial nerve lacerations
  • InService Insights digs into vascular tumors
  • Senior Residents Conference coming to Orlando
  • The many things I wish I knew as a resident
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Summer 2017

Includes stories on:
  • The benefits of going ‘international’ for your electives
  • An incapacitated attending – can you finish the case?
  • Reconstructive microsurgery fellowship: three questions
  • InService Insights focus on bone tumors to the hand
  • How I became an artist on a tablet – replete with oil paints
  • Mandible fracture articles every resident should read
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Spring 2017

Includes stories on:
  • Stress relief: How I joined a band and learned to love my life as resident
  • Things I wish I’d known before I became a resident
  • Odontogenic cysts and tumors await in the In-Service Exam
  • Tips to help you crush that research grant application
  • Craniofacial surgery: 10 articles that everyone should read
  • Revision amputation versus replantation of the finger
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