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Beware of scam letters claiming HIPAA, OSHA violations

ASPS members have recently reported receiving documents via mail that say all plastic surgeons must complete HIPAA and OSHA trainings by the end of the month, with a failure to comply resulting in a $75,000 fine for each violation. The company sending out the mailing is known as Medical Compliance.

Although OSHA mandates that offices conduct annual training for employees during each calendar year and HIPAA requires training whenever policies change substantially enough to warrant training, there is no strict "timeline" for compliance in either case. Offices are advised to review OSHA policies and protocols with staff and document that this training occurred with the names of staff trained. All new employees must receive training when they start work, but no outside companies are needed to conduct the training.

Because some states do require specific coursework for licensure requirements, ASPS recommends that members request a copy of the specific regulation whenever a supply company, course provider, insurance company or other such vendor suggests that there is a "regulatory requirement."

If you have additional questions about OSHA or HIPAA regulations, please contact ASPS staff member Marta Zielinski at (847) 228-3322.