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Improvement Activities Performance Category

Under the MIPS Improvement Activities (IA) Performance Category, your Medicare reimbursements will be increased or decreased depending whether or not you attest to CMS that you have conducted specific IAs. ASPS physician experts have identified eight IAs most relevant to plastic surgeons and another 30 IAs that may work well for your individual practice needs.

Where applicable, we have identified existing resources that will help you successfully integrate IAs into your practice. Physicians in small practices will need to conduct one high-weighted IA or two medium-weighted IAs to earn full credit. Physicians in all other practices will need to conduct two high-weighted IAs or four medium-weighted IAs.

PLEASE NOTE: The descriptions for many of the IAs listed below in the "VIEW THE IAS MOST RELEVANT TO PLASTIC SURGERY" box and the "VIEW ALL IAS" box contain links to resources that will help you successfully complete the respective IAs.