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ASPS President's Page: A successful Summit, membership and committee updates

Hello again and welcome to the July edition of the ASPS President's Page, where you get an inside look at what's going on throughout our Society.

We've just returned from a very successful trip to Washington, D.C., where we had 75 physicians from across the country attend our second annual Advocacy Summit, including 24 first-time attendees, five Essentials of Leadership participants, 11 young plastic surgeons and 13 residents. Together, we conducted meetings with members of Congress and their staff from around the country to discuss a number of issues important to the specialty. We also listened to Sen. Rand Paul, Rep Tom Cole, Rep. Peter Roskam and political analyst Charlie Cook, getting valuable insights into the state of current affairs on Capitol Hill. This event always helps set a course for the Society in terms of action being taken at the state and federal levels to help our specialty.

Speaking of activity in our nation's capitol, a couple months ago, the Society's Regenerative Medicine Subcommittee leadership was invited to Washington, D.C. to take part in a meeting with the Bipartisan Policy Center about delivering stem cell-based therapies to patients. The committee's chairman, Richard D'Amico, MD, gives a bit more information on that meeting and why it's important to our membership and the specialty at large below.

On the education front, nine visiting professors have been chosen for the 2018-19 year to visit 48 plastic surgery resident training programs around the country, an all-time record! This is a testament to the quality of this program given that it generates such a strong response year after year. Congratulations to our new faculty: Mark Clemens, MD; Patrick Garvey, MD; William Hoffman, MD; Scott Hollenbeck, MD; Michele Manahan, MD; Bruce Mast, MD; Nicole Sommer, MD; Mark Urata, MD; and Liza Wu, MD.

Steven Williams, MD, chair of our Membership Recruitment, Compliance and Development Committee, also checks in below to give us a snapshot on what the committee is doing in its recruitment and retention efforts of both domestic and international members, which are growing at an exponential pace. We are now approaching 12,000 members in all categories of membership worldwide. Nearly 95 percent of all ABPS-certified plastic surgeons are members, reaffirming the value of being a member of ASPS.

And just a reminder that registration is still open for our Plastic Surgery The Meeting 2018 in Chicago. There's a lot to be excited about this year, and you can look forward to a preview in the upcoming issue of PSN arriving in your inboxes later this month. Even though we're looking at a shorter meeting than usual with shorter days, there will be no shortage of content! This is going to be a fantastic event in the Windy City for members and their families, so if you haven't made arrangements for your trip yet, I encourage you to do so.

I look forward to seeing you in Chicago, but if you have any thoughts or questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to get in touch. My email is

Yours in service,


Regenerative Medicine Subcommittee Update

The Regenerative Medicine Subcommittee has recognized that cellular therapies are a key part of the future of medicine and that the ongoing effort to break the regulatory logjam will largely determine who can and cannot deliver stem cell-based therapies to patients. We also believe that registries and credentialing will be keys to the success of that effort. Given the extensive ASPS experience in these areas, the committee leadership was invited to Washington, D.C., in early May for a meeting with the Bipartisan Policy Center, a highly influential, nonpartisan think tank, working on this effort. Although it was a very preliminary meeting, the summit happened because of our work in registries, and it's important that as determinations are made about who can perform these therapies, ASPS and the plastic surgery specialty has a seat at the table.

-Richard D'Amico, MD, Chair

Membership Recruitment, Compliance & Development Committee Update

We've been spending the past few years trying to make ASPS serve membership better. That means trying to listen more, evaluate where each member is in the stage of their career and how ASPS can best serve them. Resident needs, for example, are different than those of new members who just passed boards, or those who might be in the middle of their career, or at the end of their career. The committee is not only listening to each segment individually, but also working to increase communication and awareness of resources that are available. Beyond where you are in your career, we're looking at private practice vs. academic – even in what type of surgery you're doing.

ASPS has had amazing penetration domestically and as we continue to grow internationally, we're cog nascent that we need to redouble efforts to listen to membership as we continue. The feedback we've received thus far is that members appreciate that as the practice of plastic surgery changes and individual members change, we're there to make sure we remain useful to them.

-Steven Williams, MD, Chair