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Guido Lozada, MD

Suite 203 Kahala Office Tower
4211 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816-5319
United States
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Dr. Lozada is committed to the values of: INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCE, PROFESSIONALISM, COMPASSION and the ALOHA SPIRIT (the values of Kapiolani Health).

Monday Thru Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. One Saturday morning a month.

Aesthetic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Laser Surgery, Non-ablative Technology, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery.

A consultation is required for the  following procedures:

Breast Augmentation: Since 1984, Dr. Lozada is known for a unique 1.5 cm (1/2 inch) Mini-Cut method, no drains, no stitches, in front or behind the muscle (over or under), or a Subfascial option. Very short recovery, outpatient.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy-Tuck).

Facelift / Mini-Facelift.



Brow Lift.

Laser Procedures.

Botulinum Toxin: frown, crow's feet, forehead, nasal and lip lines. Excessive perspiration underarms, hands and feet. Migraine trigger points control.

Titan Procedure: a non-ablative, non-invasive, painless Light Based System for deep dermal heating to achieve skin contraction and tightening in the cheeks, neck, forehead, underarms, abdomen and thighs. No downtime.

ThreadLift procedure with smooth or barbed sutures. Brow-ThreadLift for elevation of the eyebrows. Scalp-ThreadLift for elevation of the cheeks. Local anesthesia, no incisions, minimal downtime.

Subcision, surgiwire or "flossing" of deep facial lines or scars for improvement without incisions.

Lasers for wrinkles, sun spots, acne scars, birth marks, dark scars, tattoos, sun damage, white spots, white bumps, Nevus of Ota / Ito, Mongolian Spots.

CO2 Laser Resurfacing for deep wrinkles, loose skin, sun damage, acne scars, face, eyelids and lips.

CO2 Laser for eyelid fat bag removal from the inside of the lid (Transconjunctival approach). Local anesthesia, no skin incision, no sutures.

Alexandrite Laser Q-Switched for brown spots (face, trunk, arms, hands and legs), dark scars, dark eyelid circles, Nevus of Ota / Ito, removal of browliner and eyeliner tattoos, multicolored tattoos (black, blue and green inks) and traumatic tattoos (dirt, grease, asphalt).

Nd:YAG Q-Switched for decorative or traumatic tattoos.

IPL alternative treatment of brown spots.

Erbium Laser for moles, skin tags, keratosis, skin bumps, growths, syringomas, xanthelasma, sebaceous hyperplasia.

Erbium Laser for fine wrinkles.

Nd-YAG 1064 long pulse laser used in:
LaserGenesis for reduction of skin pores, better skin texture, less skin redness (Rosacea) and fine wrinkles. No pain, no downtime.
Laser Hair Removal: face, ears, nose, hands, toes, bikini, legs.
Vascular Laser for spider veins face and legs, vascular birth marks, red dots, purple blemishes, venous lakes, Port-Wine Stains. No need for Hypertonic Saline Injections.
Nd-YAG Laser for skin tightening, non-invasive deep dermal heating and remodeling.

CO2 Laser for fractional micro-pattern skin resurfacing, non-ablative (superficial) or ablative (deeper), for the treatment of Melasma, brown facial patches, acne scars.

Laugh line treatment with Fillers, or Titan (skin tightening) or Laser or by Direct Excision (removal) of the excess skin.

Earlobe: repair of enlarged holes, torn earlobe, reduction of long earlobes, closure of old holes, piercing, fillers and laser for skin creases.

Hand skin rejuvenation with lasers for brown spots, keratosis and wrinkles. Laser treatment for unsightly veins without incisions or injections. Titan procedure for skin tightening.


Many minor laser procedures do not require anesthesia. Most minor surgical procedures require a local anesthetic only. However, procedures requiring sedation analgesia, deep sedation or general anesthesia are performed at accredited Free-Standing Ambulatory Surgical Facilities or at Hospital-Based surgical facilities for patient safety.

  • Medical School: Univ. Nac. de San Agustin, Arequipa, PERU 1973
  • Rotating Internship: Hospital General-UNSA, Arequipa, PERU 1972-73
  • Surgical Internship, New York Medical College - Metropolitan Hospital & Medical Center, New York, NY 1973-74
  • General Surgery Residency: Michael Reese Hospital & Medical Center, Chicago, IL 1974-78
  • Chief Resident in General Surgery at Michael Reese Hospital & Medical Center, Chicago, IL 1977-78
  • Plastic Surgery Residency: Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Institute, San Francisco, CA 1978-81
  • Burn Fellowship: Bothin Burn Unit at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, San Francisco, CA 1979-80
  • Chief Resident in Plastic Surgery: Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, San Francisco, CA 1980-81
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery 1982
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Inc.
  • American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery, Inc.
  • Hawaii Plastic Surgery Society.
  • Hawaii Medical Association.
  • Peruvian American Medical Society (PAMS).
  • The Queen's Medical Center, Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children, Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Kapiolani Medical Center at Pali Momi, Aiea, Hawaii.
  • Wahiawa General Hospital.
  • Surgicare of Hawaii.