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Jay Jensen, MD

Active Member

Active Member

Jay Jensen, MD

Jay Jensen, MD, is an ASPS Member plastic surgeon who is board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery® and trained specifically in plastic surgery. ASPS members operate only in accredited medical facilities, adhere to a strict code of ethics and fulfill continuing medical education requirements in plastic surgery, including training in patient safety techniques. As your medical partner, Dr. Jensen is dedicated to working with you to achieve your goals.

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Meet Dr. Jay Jensen

The most important single element of my practice is knowing my patients. If I have an opportunity to sit down and listen to what someone wants and why, I learn something about them and I am in position to more effectively serve them. Careful listening is as important for me as understanding an operation is for a patient.

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Plastic surgeons are able to perform a large number of operations on almost any patient.  The most important part of my practice comes down to the exercise of taste and judgment in figuring out which procedures would best benefit my patients and how they should customized to the individual patient. The single most important part of this judgment is the relationship I have with the patient.  Occasionally, patients come to me looking for radical change in their appearance. I generally discourage this impulse. I prefer to simply improve on someone's appearance by adding to the various volumes, tightening, remove fat, or uplifting. This has the effect of bringing out the best for an individual while not changing their overall identity.
An important part of my practice philosophy is the idea of restoring the normal. Whether this goal is for someone looking to restore their facial tissues after years of gravitational sag or for someone who needs to lose a breast to cancer, it is at the core of what I do.  My life in plastic surgery has been interesting and personally rewarding. Whether I am teaching, volunteering in a third world countries, working on research, or practicing in my office in Santa Monica, I meet good people with fascinating stories to tell.


Procedures Performed

Arm Lift

Botulinum Toxin

Breast Augmentation

Breast Implant Removal

Breast Lift

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reduction

Brow Lift

Chemical Peels, IPL, Fractional CO2 Laser Treatments

Chin Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery


Dermal Fillers

Endoscopic Technique

Eyelid Surgery


Facial Implants

Free-Flap Breast Reconstruction

Injectable Fillers

Lip Augmentation / Enhancement


Male Breast Reduction


Retin-A Treatments


Scar Revision

Skin Cancer Removal

Thigh Lift

Tram Flap Breast Reconstruction

Tummy Tuck


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