Management Services Organization

Our MSO is designed to help plastic surgery practices stay competitive, increase revenue and retain independence while maintaining their current compensation and operational structures whenever possible.

What is an MSO?

  • Provides non-clinical services to practices
  • Designed to reduce overhead costs through sharing of services
  • Allows physicians to retain autonomy

What can the MSO do for you?

Manage Operational Issues

Financial Management and Analysis

HR and Personnel Management

Staff Education and Training

Billing Services

Contract Management

Vendor Negotiations

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How do we do this?

  • Assign an experienced Practice Manager to each practice
  • Clear policies and procedures
  • Put the right person in the right role
  • Experience billing staff


Improve Efficiencies

  • Reduce overhead
  • Create economies of scale through shared services
  • Optimize use of facilities and staff resources

Increase Market Share

  • Take back market share from non-plastic surgeons
  • Pool marketing dollars for greater impact
  • Optimize communication and connect with patients

Retain Independence

  • Retain operational autonomy
  • Preserve individual identity and branding

Benefits of Merging as a Consolidated Group

  • Expanded staffing resources
  • Greater economies of scale
  • Facilitates the sharing of capital equipment and other assets
  • Greater ability to sub-specialize
  • More negotiating leverage in payor contracting
  • Continued ability to retain individual branding
  • Scalablity - Invite others in and create added value


  • ASPS has the interest of its members at the forefront of its model
  • ASPS provides transparency practices participating in the MSO
  • Members may own stock in the MSO entity
  • Member stockholders are represented on the PS2 Board
  • ASPS will assist each regional group with business development to include growing physician participation and the patient base

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