PS2 Management Services Organization


PS2 Management Services Organization

What price are you paying for your medical, surgical and office supplies? What about the capital equipment you need to purchase for your practice?

The PS² team reviews everything you purchase for your practice to ensure you are paying the best price. And if you own your facility, we’ll also review your contracts for elevator service, alarm systems and other basic services to learn if there are additional ways to help you save.

We work with your medical/surgical distributor to help you access better pricing on the products you use every day, including sutures, gloves, needles and more. Through monthly purchase reporting that we receive from you and your distributor, we verify you are receiving the MSO-negotiated pricing.

In addition, you and your staff benefit from savings on shipping, office supplies, car rentals, computer equipment, hotel stays and other employee benefits.


Access Medical Purchasing

PS² works with Access Medical Purchasing (AMP), the group purchasing program of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, to provide industry-best pricing on medical and non-medical supplies to MSO members. AMP accesses the contract portfolio of HealthTrust, the most competitive purchasing program for physicians.

PS2 Provide:

  • Assistance with capital equipment purchasing
  • Getting signed up as a ship to under the PS2 buyer ID for injectables and gain the buying power of the MSO clients all over the U.S.
  • Assistance with purchasing of office and medical supplies for your practice


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