PS2 Management Services Organization


PS2 Management Services Organization

A challenge for Practice Managers and Physicians is staff retention and recruiting. Having turnover is inevitable but recruiting take a significant amount of time from patient care.

An average job can get 250 applicants and only 10-15% of those will be interviewed. Does your Practice Manager have time to review 250 resumes?


Recruiting Package

Your PS2 Consultant will work with you through out the whole Recruiting process.

• Create a draft job description

• Assist with the creation of a compensation package

• Post position on-line

• Review applicants

• Complete a video interview

• Coordinate on-site interview

• Discuss candidates with the Practice

• Perform reference checks

• Assist with applicant negotiations

• Send offer letter and benefits package

• Send on-boarding information to Practice to complete

• Assist with new hire training plan


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