ASPS Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub
For Medical Professionals



In 2020, ASPS President Dr. Lynn Jeffers created a Task Force to focus on the fields of technology, innovation and disruption. The idea was driven by a vision to propel the field of plastic surgery forward by cultivating our rapidly growing relationship with technology. She wanted a resource for ASPS to help foster members' interests in building a startup, securing funding, understanding intellectual property, planning exit strategies, implementing AI, learning data mining and security, finding mentors, defining regulatory policies and many other emerging topics. Thus, the Technology, Innovation, Disruption, and Entrepreneurship Committee was born. To date, the mission is divided into three arms:

  • Implementation of current technologies to enhance the functionality and efficiency of ASPS/PSF, particularly through tools like CRM (Customer Relationship Management.
  • Build an educational network that incites the innovative spirit of ASPS members but also supports their entrepreneurial passions and goals.
  • Foresee and evaluate the imminent digital revolutions from AI to blockchain, machine learning, and cybersecurity that pose both advantages and potential challenges for the field of plastic surgery and ASPS/PSF at large.

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