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Basics of Building a Company

Get acquainted with the basics of how to start a new company and avoid common pitfalls. These resources will guide you through the initial steps of launching a startup.

How to Start a Startup in 10 Steps Startup School Curriculum Incorporation: Definition, How It Works and Advantages 5 Mistakes Medical Device Startup Companies Make What is the C Suite?: Meaning and Positions Defined The 3 Co-Founder Roles You Need, and When to Bring Them On


Harness the power of artificial intelligence to help create an impactful and lasting brand that will help propel your startup.

BrandCrowd: Logo Design Looka: Design Your Own Brand Namecheap: Buy a Domain Name Google Domains: Register Your Domain Name

ASPS Webinars

ASPS members share critical experiences about their own companies and provide guidance to those thinking about starting their own businesses.

MedTech Innovator Webinars

Legal and Copyright

Legal representation is absolutely critical for startups and is essential for contracts, fundraising, and hiring employees.

Does A Startup Company Need A Lawyer?


From seed funding to venture capital money, there are many ways for starups to obtain the necessary funds to run the business. These resources explain the process of generating capital from a variety of investors.

A Guide to Seed Fundraising Startup Funding: What It Is and How to Get Capital for a Business Startup School: How Startup Fundraising Works Series Funding: A, B and C

Equity Basics

Starup equity can be a complex, particularly when a company starts receiving money from investors. Know the lingo and the ways equity is created, split, and valued.

Startup Equity 101: Who Gets What Slice Of The Pie Safe Financing Documents


Protect your ideas and products with patents and understand the process of obtaining a patent for your intellectual property.

Effective Strategies to Patent Plastic Surgery Ideas and Intellectual Property Overcoming the Patent Gap: A Guide to Patenting for Plastic Surgeons

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