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LIMITLESS is a docuseries featuring inspiring stories from women plastic surgeons who broke the glass ceiling and rose to prominence within their field as society presidents. Each woman tells her own story of resilience and fortitude, with invaluable advice for future women leaders in plastic surgery. Presented by Allergan, in cooperation with the ASPS Women Plastic Surgeons Forum, LIMITLESS was coproduced by the series' visionary, Shuting Zhong, MD.

Roxanne Guy, MD

Dr. Roxanne Guy has always trusted her intuition, which led her to become the first female president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2007.

Carolyn Kerrigan, MD, MHCDS

Dr. Carolyn Kerrigan reflects on how never taking 'no' for an answer helped her leadership style evolve across multiple roles, including president of The Plastic Surgery Foundation in 2007.

Debra J. Johnson, MD

Dr. Debra J. Johnson emphasizes the importance of showing up, and how that commitment helped her become president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2017.

Susan Mackinnon, MD*

Andrea Pusic, MD

LIMITLESS continues

This is just the beginning. LIMITLESS is an ongoing initiative to inspire women to join the healthcare, science, and medical fields and seek leadership positions within them. Continue to check back for more stories from leaders in plastic surgery.

A resident and a reason

Plastic surgery resident, Shuting Zhong, MD, was once told, "Women shouldn't be surgeons." Not only did she become a surgeon, she envisioned spotlighting the achievements of women surgeons in leadership through a series of interviews. With the support of her mentor, Lynn Damitz, MD, FACS, and in partnership with Allergan, the vision is now a reality. Contact her via email:

LIMITLESS visionary,
Shuting Zhong, MD

NON134428 03/20

Starting a Surgeon's Family

Cryopreservation, Infertility, Sperm Banks, Surrogacy and Adoption

Monday, May 18, 2020
5 p.m. PDT / 8 p.m. EDT

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Webinar will be recorded and posted to ASPS EdNet

Join us for an expert panel discussion on Starting a Surgeon's Family. We'll share insight and experience on the topics of cryopreservation, fertility treatments, surrogacy, adoption and more.

University of Pittsburgh Plastic Surgery Chief Resident Wendy Chen, MD, MS, will host the panel as we explore:

  • Cryopreservation: Single or in a relationship? Embryos or oocytes?
  • Difficulty Conceiving: IVF, IUI, PCOS and more
  • No surrogate needed: Lesbian families and single mothers by choice
  • Surrogates Ins and Outs: Gay families and families requiring a Surrogate
  • How I did it: A panel of surgeon moms share their stories from the perspectives of:
    • Divorced and single
    • Single mother by choice
    • Starting a family during residency
    • Same-sex parenting

Be sure to come prepared with questions for our panelists!

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The Women Plastic Surgeons (WPS) forum represents and advocates for the interests and concerns of the female plastic surgeon members and candidates for membership. All female plastic surgeons are considered members of the WPS forum; male members and candidate members of ASPS are welcome to participate in WPS-sponsored events.

The WPS forum seeks to empower female plastic surgeons within the Society through networking, education, advocacy and mentoring. The WPS forum works to promote women plastic surgeons and increase their involvement within organized medicine and plastic surgery as a whole while simultaneously advancing the mission of ASPS.


  • Facilitate networking and communication between women plastic surgeons throughout the year.
  • Develop programs and opportunities targeted to women which develop leadership competencies.

Why WPS?

The Women Plastic Surgeons (WPS) forum represents and advocates for the interests and concerns of the female plastic surgeon members and candidates for membership of ASPS.

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