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You started with an idea. Now to gain some momentum, you and your team will need some cash flow. How can you raise capital for your business venture? What are the various ways to obtain financial support? First, depending on the stage of your startup, you may need various amounts of capital to develop different components of your company. Angel investors are individuals who invest their own money in exchange for equity in your company. They typically provide seed (or initial) funding. Venture capital firms (VC) pool cash from multiple investors and invest in a fund consisting of several ventures. They target established companies who already bring in revenue and are looking to scale and commercialize their product. Refer to the following articles for further explanation on the diverse forms of investment opportunities to build your brand.

This page contains search engines to help you locate resources and companies to raise capital. Of note, ASPS neither endorses nor is responsible for the business practices of any of the companies listed on this page. You should research potential investors and perform due diligence before committing any portion of your company in exchange for funding. In addition to nationally recognized resources, your local university may have contacts for VC/angel investors in your community. Alumni networks are also valuable resources. The career development office of your alma mater may provide useful alumni connections for mentoring or funding.

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