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John Leikensohn, MD

7222 Westmoreland Drive
Sarasota, FL 34243
United States
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Cosmetic surgery to enhance one's appearance is a major decision.  Our goal is to make you feel as informed as possible and explore all of you options.  We encourage you to ask any questions you may have.  We want you to feel confident and knowledgeable about us as well as the procedures you are considering.

Plastic Surgery

Every patient is scheduled for a private and thorough consultation with our Board Certified surgeon before surgery.  The consultation provides an opportunity to explore your options and discuss your procedures in detail.  You will have the opportunity to be imaged before surgery and you will also be able to view video tapes describing many of the procedures.


We are affiliated with West Florida Surgery Center, a fully accredited and federally licensed outpatient facility.  With the majority of procedures done here, you will be able to return to your home within a few hours of your surgery to recuperate in your own familiary surroundings.
  • B.S. Duke University 1967
  • M.D. Georgetown University Medical Scottl 1971
  • Straight Surgical Intern 1971-1972
  • Junior Resident General Surgery 1972-1973
  • Junior Resident Otolaryngology-Maxillofacial 1973-1974
  • Senior Resident Otolaryngology-Maxillofacial 1974-1975
  • Chief Resident Otolaryngology-Macillofacial 1975-1976
  • U.S. Army 1976-1978
  • Junior Resident Plastic Surgery 1978-1979
  • Chief Resident Plastic Surgery 1979-1980
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery 1981
  • American Board of Otolaryngology 1976
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American Society of Plastic Surgery
  • American College of Surgeons
  • Manatee County Medical Society
  • Manatee Memorial Hospital, Bradenton, Florida
  • West Florida Surgery Center, Bradenton, Florida