Breast Reconstruction ResourcesThe American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The Plastic Surgery Foundation support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month each October.

ASPS has put together the following resources for people with breast cancer, including treatment options and legislative initiatives. The resources on this page include links to letters from patients who have had breast reconstruction following mastectomy, a variety of ASPS/The PSF publications about breast cancer and breast reconstruction and a list of links to other online breast cancer support organizations. 

ASPS is working to increase awareness of breast reconstruction options available to breast cancer patients, and reminds women to schedule regular cancer screenings.

Breast Reconstruction Resources

1998 Federal Breast Reconstruction Law
Signed into Law on October 21, 1998, ASPS is working with federal regulators as they draft guidance on implementation of the new law.
State Laws on Breast Reconstruction
Information on U.S. states regarding insurance coverage required for post-mastectomy breast reconstruction if mastectomy is covered.
Patient Letters
Breast reconstruction patient letters