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Simeon Wall, Jr., MD

8600 Fern Ave
Shreveport, LA 71105
United States
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The concept of community revolves around trust. In a community, you can trust promises made by others. You can trust that your interests are genuinely protected. You can trust in your values and in the values of those around you. Each physician at The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery understands the concept of community, along with the responsibility it brings. And this ideal is eminent in every consultation, every procedure and every follow-up. Each doctor brings a skilled understanding of medicine to The Wall Center, whether it's through their world-renowned education and training, decades of precision and experience, or both.

The Surgical Suites at The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery are State and Medicare certified to ensure high standards of care. The requirements to meet these certifications are very rigorous, but the safety of our patients is our first priority. These state-of-the-art operating suites have everything available to ensure our plastic surgeons in Louisiana consistently perform safe, successful surgeries.

It is important to know where your surgery will be performed when evaluating surgeons who may perform your procedure. Our plastic surgeons, along with their qualified and helpful staff, have a commitment to patient safety that is above all other concerns.

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