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Lori Cherup, MD

701 Boyce Road at Washington Pike
Bridgeville, PA 15017
United States
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During your consultation with Dr. Cherup will ask you many questions as she reviews your medical history and medications. Are you healthy enough for us to consider any plastic surgery? She will examine you carefully, in private, while you are clad in a comfortable terry robe. Given her vast medical knowledge and experience, she will then formulate a plan for surgery that will address your problem area but may also be more inclusive then you thougt.

You will be informed of the specific risks of your surgery. In general, the healthier you are, the risks are minimized. The importance of stopping aspirin and ibuprofen, vitamin E and other medications prior to surgery will be stressed. And if you smoke - don't worry - we will absolutely get you to stop, forever.

We will show you before and after photos of the hundreds of previous patients that have undergone procedures similar to those you and Dr. Cherup are contemplating. By showing you patients who are very physically similar to you, you will be able to visualize the kind of surgical result Dr. Cherup will be able to deliver for you.

Before you leave from your first consultation, Kristy, our patient coordinator, will give or mail to you your Inform/Consent Book. This is your Bible! Read every word because Dr. Cherup wants you to understand all the inside information on your procedure, and will be asking YOU questions when you return. After scheduling your return visit, you will probably want to go home and contemplate all the information you received. Dr. Cherup is not one of those surgeons who wants to hurry you to sign on the dotted line. She wants you to accomplish YOUR goals. Is this procedure right for you? Does it financially make sense at this point in your life? Do you trust Dr. Cherup as a surgeon? You should. Most importantly, are you capable of being a good patient so we can have a platform for a successful surgery?

You will then be ready for your second, no charge consultation. Dr. Cherup will answer any remaining questions, go over the surgical plan, perform a pre-op history and physical, and take photos. You will spend 20 minutes with our Patient Care Coordinator reviewing your consent and pre-operative instructions. Over the next few weeks we will review your lab results and EKG in preparation for the big day when we will see you at your surgery. You are almost there!!!

We are proud to introduce to you our haven of health, beauty, and safe surgery – Radiance – a Private Outpatient Surgery Center. Radiance has undergone the most stringent evaluations and inspections, such as those our local and university hospitals have undergone. The Pennsylvania State Department of Health, Medicare, and the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Hospitals have licensed Radiance as a first-class surgical center, and we will be able to bill for all third-party insurance plans for facility fees for reconstructive surgery. Furthermore, Dr. Cherup’s attending status at Allegheny General, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, St Clair Hospital, Ohio Valley General, Canonsburg General and Monongahela Valley assures you that her surgical skills and management have been scrutinized by some of the best medical staffs in Pittsburgh. Along with that, she has recruited the areas best nurses, technicians and anesthesia services to assist her in your care.

After your driver drops you off at our covered entrance on the building’s lower level, a member of our team will greet you at the center’s reception desk and confirm your registration papers. They will escort you to the pre-operative area while your family relaxes in our cozy waiting room with refreshment bar, flat-screen TV and music. Jodi Santini, our nurse manager will introduce herself to you and see that all of your needs are met. Our pre-op nurse will check your vital signs and allergy alerts, help you change into a robe, and will assist our anesthesia group in their interview. Our anesthesia group’s expertise is outpatient anesthesia – quick emergencies, nausea-free, and near-painless return to home and function. Also in our pre-op area Dr. Cherup will carefully mark on your body with a big black marker her gameplan for precise and successful surgery.

Angela and Jennifer, our nurse and surgical technician, will also be with you in the operating room during your procedure. Not only will they provide for you a safe and sterile environment, but will explain the events that will occur during your stay, so we can make this as comfortable an experience as it can be for you and your family. Frequently during the procedure Dr. Cherup and staff will talk to you, and assure you of how things are going. In the recovery room, our nurse recovery nurse will help you relax. Warming blankets and pain medication are in order. No Nausea! is our motto. We will give you at home instructions before you are escorted from our beautiful facility.

Located at 701 Boyce Road and Washington Pike near Interstate 79, our surgery center is convenient for patients from Pittsburgh, West Virginia, and Ohio.

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons