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Sculpting the male physique through liposuction

sculpting the male physique through liposuction

The vast majority of liposuction patients are women, but men get lipo too.

ASPS Member Surgeon Christopher Funderburk, MD, is renowned for his work in sculpting male physiques. He has a unique demographic and sees more male patients than the average plastic surgeon, allowing him to refine male bodies at an unparalleled rate.

Dr. Funderburk said that approximately 30 percent of his patients are men. This statistic is significant when compared to the 2022 ASPS Plastic Surgery Statistics Report, which states that men underwent approximately six percent of all plastic surgery procedures in the United States.

Assuming men comprise just six percent of the average plastic surgeon's patient list, Funderburk operates on men at five times the average rate. Dr. Funderburk said he is a gay plastic surgeon and that many of his patients are also gay, giving him a large male patient population.

"We're very busy at the practice, and we're fortunate to have a lot of male patients," said Dr. Funderburk.

Techniques for male body sculpting

Dr. Funderburk attributed his success with male patients to experience, developing a specialized technique and respecting the structural differences between men and women.

As opposed to a female patient's ideal of an hourglass frame with a narrow waist, Dr. Funderburk's male patients desire a V-shaped torso.

"I think the key is to remove the vast majority of fat overlying the oblique muscles," said Dr. Funderburk. "You can be fairly aggressive in that area. The skin and the body seem to have nice elasticity. It kind of contracts well after liposuction. You can get a little aggressive, get the fat out in that area and get down to that muscular, athletic look."

Chest, flanks and torso

According to Dr. Funderburk, men generally want to reduce fat with liposuction in three main areas. The first is the chest, targeting fatty deposits known as gynecomastia or "man boobs."

The second area is the flanks. Dr. Funderburk noted that men often find it unsustainable to achieve the super-low body fat percentage necessary to eliminate love handles naturally. With liposuction to the flanks, they don't have to. He offers his patients both Vaser liposuction and Microaire power-assisted liposuction.

"It really can improve the physique dramatically," said Dr. Funderburk. "It gives men a more V-shaped torso and helps eliminate the fat hanging over their pants and shorts."

Most men want fat removed from their torsos. Dr. Funderburk uses liposuction to remove his patient's fat tissue in this area and reveal more muscle definition.

"Many of these guys want to show off their six-pack, but they have that diet and exercise-resistant fat that's obscuring the muscles," said Dr. Funderburk.

A typical combination of procedures he offers includes simultaneous liposuction of the abdomen and flanks.

"We'll treat that often in conjunction with the flanks in what we call a Lipo 360, where we'll do the anterior and posterior torso," said Dr. Funderburk.

Postoperative recovery: What men need to know

As the saying goes – no pain, no gain. While the results of sculpting with liposuction, you should expect a period of recovery before going back to your normal routine.

"They're ready to return to the equivalent of an office job in about one week," said Dr. Funderburk. "I tell them to take approximately three weeks off hardcore workouts at the gym, as I like the initial swelling and inflammation to surface off."

Funderburk places drains in his liposuction patients to promote proper healing and remove excess fluids and blood from the surgical area. Surgical drains help reduce swelling, prevent fluid collection and decrease the risk of infection. They are usually removed after about one week.

He also recommends that his male liposuction patients wear a compressive garment most of the time for the first week, gradually tapering off usage as swelling subsides.

Compression clothing helps reduce swelling, improve blood circulation, support the treated areas and help the skin adhere to the new contours.

"It looks like a vest," said Dr. Funderburk. "It fits nicely over the clothes, so they can wear it, and no one even knows they have it on."

Getting the sculpted look you dream of

Are you a man interested in liposuction? Be sure to seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon who is an ASPS member. While most plastic surgeons offer liposuction, as Dr. Funderburk has shown, there are certain considerations for male patients.

There's no problem with meeting a few different surgeons and looking at before and after photos of male liposuction. Do their results deliver that V-shaped torso you might hope for? You should feel confident you will get the results you desire.

To find a qualified plastic surgeon for any cosmetic or reconstructive procedure, consult a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. All ASPS members are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, have completed an accredited plastic surgery training program, practice in accredited facilities and follow strict standards of safety and ethics. Find an ASPS member in your area.


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