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Three things you should know before getting an eyelid lift

Are you considering an aesthetic plastic surgery? Blepharoplasty, or an eyelid lift, has been growing in popularity and number in recent years. It's definitely one of the most popular procedures, coming in fourth among the top five cosmetic surgeries performed in 2016. Eyelid lifts can have a drastic effect on the face and improve a person's self-confidence. If you are considering this specific procedure, read on for three things you'll need to know before you go under the knife.

History and popularity of eyelid surgery

The history of eyelid lifts isn't a long one, but it is steady; eyelid lifts have ranked highly for the past decade in the list of cosmetic surgeries. Of the top 10 countries that employ plastic surgery, only Mexico didn't list blepharoplasty in its top five. From the United States to the United Kingdom and all over the world, blepharoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries on the market.

In particular, this surgery has reached peak popularity in East Asia. Some have even gone so far as to label it the "East Asian blepharoplasty," and it's come to be well-known by that name. From celebrities to office workers, one in five women in Korea has had some form of plastic surgery. This particular surgery struck gold when it fell into favor with Korean celebrities, and now it's one of the most common surgeries performed.

Details of the procedure

There are three distinctly different types of eyelid surgery, and the procedure you'll require can vary depending on the shape of your eyes and other health conditions. One of these three types will be recommended by your specialist:

  • Upper Eyelid Surgery: This type of blepharoplasty is used mainly to improve vision loss and appearance of the eye due to aging or genetics. As the name implies, it's focused on the upper eyelid. This type of surgery can restore the function of the eye or provide a more rounded, open appearance.
  • Lower Eyelid Surgery: This procedure is based around the lower lid and eyes, focusing on the removal of wrinkles in the skin, correction of baggy eyes or improving appearance.
  • Double Eyelid Surgery: In a double eyelid surgery, a crease is made in the upper eyelid, creating a wider, larger-looking eye. This is the procedure that's gained so much popularity in East Asia, and the one most often referenced in relation to blepharoplasty as a whole.

Possible side effects

Potential complications and side effects accompany any type of surgery, and blepharoplasty isn't excluded. The first and most important aspect of the surgery to keep in mind is that the results will take time to manifest. As with almost any cosmetic surgery, it can take up to a year post-surgery to reap the full benefits of an eyelid lift.

Other side effects may include scarring, bruising or swelling of the eye area. Temporary double vision and blindness may also occur, but should remedy themselves within a day. Eye itching, dryness and other discomfort can be medicated with eye drops or other prescriptions.

Blepharoplasty just might make the impact you've been looking for; its popularity speaks for itself. Make sure to research the procedure as much as possible before you come to a decision. We hope these tips have taken away some of the uncertainty that comes with surgery.

The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


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