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Contribute to the ASPS Blog

The ASPS Blog is committed to educating patients and highlighting the latest trends in plastic surgery. If you are an ASPS member surgeon, we invite you to become a contributor to our blog and advance our ongoing mission of patient education.

Who can contribute?

ASPS welcomes blog contributions from the following membership categories:

  • Active Members
  • Candidates for Active Membership
  • Residents and Fellows – blogs must be reviewed by an active member

Contributing to our blog is an ASPS member benefit. There is no fee to contribute a blog, and the only requirement is that you are in one of the above membership categories.

Blogs are attributed to the author, including a link to the surgeon's website or blog.

*On rare occasions, ASPS will also accept blogs from patients who want to share their experience with plastic surgery.

What are the guidelines?

The primary focus of blogs should be to educate patients on procedures they may be considering. ASPS recommends that your blog focuses on one procedure that you specialize in.

Although we have no rules regarding word count, we recommend any blog contribution contain at least 500 words. Blogs should be long enough to thoroughly educate patients, but short enough so that patients do not feel overwhelmed.

We recommend that blogs answer the following questions for patients:

  • What makes an ideal candidate for the procedure?
  • What happens during the procedure? How is it performed?
  • How long is the recovery period? How soon can the patient go home?
  • What sort of scarring is expected after the procedure?
  • What kind of results should a patient expect after the procedure?
  • How much does the procedure typically cost?

Our blog is intended to be strictly educational, with the information being applicable for patients nationwide. No blogs should be written as an advertisement for you or your practice. All contributions will be attributed to the author with a link to the surgeon's website, ensuring members receive recognition for their efforts.


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