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Body Contouring | Case Details

This patient is 33 years old. Before the procedure, the patient weighed 292lbs. After consultation, the decision was made to perform bariatic body contouring of the Belt lipectomy. Additionally, liposuction was performed during the procedure. A single contouring surgery was performed. After the procedure, the patient weighed 190lbs. After contouring, the patient weighed 170lbs. The patient kept the weight off for at least 2 years. After photos for this patient were taken 2 years, 9 months postoperatively.

Area Treated: Belt lipectomy

Additional Modalities: Liposuction

Age: 33

Pre-bariatric surgery weight: 292

Post-bariatric surgery weight: 190

Amount of weight Lost: 102

Length of time kept weight off: 2 years

Weight after contouring procedure: 170

Total number of body contouring surgeries: 5

Years between operation and 'after' photos: 2

Months between operation and 'after' photos: 9


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