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Susan Kaweski, MD

La Mesa, CA

Breast Reconstruction | Case Details

This patient is 35 years old and she weighs 238lbs. She is 5'4". The site of the cancer was bilateral. The breast reconstruction was delayed post mastectomy. The nipple/areola was reconstructed using the Nipple Areola Complex technique. The nipple/areola was reconstructed immediately after breast creation. These photos were taken 6 months postoperatively.

Timing after initial breast creation: Immediate

Age: 35

Height: 5

Height: 4

Weight: 238

Site of Cancer: Bilateral

Reconstructive Timing: Delayed

Technique Used A: Nipple Areola Complex

Type of implant: McGhan

Size (ccs): 800

Months between operation and 'after' photos: 6


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