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Plastic Surgery Statistics 2023

Plastic surgery procedural statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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A Message from

Steven Williams, MD

President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgery stands at the intersection of artistry and science, offering transformative solutions that go beyond physical changes. Data helps us all make better decisions about the life-changing care we offer our patients. This analysis allows us to stay informed and cultivate a deeper understanding of the choices made to enhance both bodies and wellbeing.

Plastic surgery continues to evolve, not only in the advancement of techniques and technology but also in its perception by society. Semagultide medications like Ozempic® and Wegovy® are allowing Americans to get healthier. Plastic surgeons are essential to helping users complete their weight loss journey with face and body contouring. We can now also offer more minimally invasive options to patients when before only a major surgery was available. The introduction of artificial intelligence into our specialty, with oversight, is allowing surgeons more accuracy and therefore better outcomes.

Plastic surgery was never one size fits all, but now there is even more sensitivity and awareness around tailoring procedures to preserve patients' unique ethnic features. Plastic surgery is also no longer only for the rich and famous. Instead, more than ever before, procedures can be accessed by anyone. Many are even sharing their plastic surgery journeys publicly on social media to empower others.

Yet, it's critical to remember that behind each number lies an individual's unique journey. It's a transformation traveled with courage, resilience and the pursuit of self-actualization. Our work as board-certified plastic surgeons has a profound impact on individual lives whether through restoring function after an accident, correcting a birth defect or simply boosting confidence.

Our aim is not only to provide data but also to ignite meaningful conversations about the complexities of plastic surgery, foster collaboration and, ultimately, contribute to the betterment of our patients' lives. We hope to enable surgeons and individuals to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.

A sincere thank you to each ASPS Member Surgeon. They are the experts and thought leaders in this specialty who contributed both data and meaning to this report. Another thank you to everyone who helped to publish this report. Presenting the data in an easy-to-read and understandable way is no simple task.

As you explore this new chapter in plastic surgery's history, you'll find this report to be an unexpected page-turner with surprising insights.


Top 5

Demographic Data



Breast augmentation remains the favorite procedure for women, but surgeons are seeing a trend toward smaller implants for a more balanced body. Breast lifts also continued to grow with a 7 percent rise in 2023. Below the breasts, liposuction and tummy tucks were a favorite for women.

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More men are in the mix for cosmetic procedures and treatments in 2023. Men accounted for a 6 percent rise in total cosmetic procedures. Body procedures, which rose 18 percent, along with face and neck procedures, which increased 15 percent, saw the most growth for men in 2023.

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Ages 13-19

The focus is always on responsible and age-appropriate procedures for this age group. Please note some of these procedures are only performed on patients who are 18 and older. Many in this age group chose procedures to improve self-esteem or self-expression. Both nose reshaping and ear surgery were favorites because both are features that significantly impact appearance and self-expression.

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Ages 20-29

Plastic surgery trends for Gen Z focused on enhancing appearance and boosting self-confidence as they establish their personal and professional identities. Most popular with this age group were body procedures such as breast augmentation and liposuction. They also showed engagement with minimally invasive procedures such as Botox and filler. Breast reductions grew by 10 percent in this group.

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Ages 30-39

Millennials are at the forefront of breast augmentation procedures driven by a mix of aesthetic aspirations and a growing acceptance of cosmetic enhancements. They led in Brazilian butt lifts, showcasing their preference for procedures that offer natural-looking results through innovative techniques. Facial surgeries also saw significant interest in this age group, including eyelid surgery.

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Ages 40-54

This age group dominated many of the procedural categories, reflecting a significant interest in maintaining and enhancing their appearance as they enter and navigate midlife. Body procedures such as liposuction and tummy tucks were popular, but they also have a preference for minimally invasive procedures. This demographic has the lion's share of Botox and hyaluronic acid filler injections.

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Ages 55-69

This demographic dominates the facial procedures category by favoring face, neck and forehead lifts as well as eyelid surgeries and facial fat graphing. The preference for these procedures highlights a strong interest in combating the signs of aging with traditional surgical methods and underscores the significant aesthetic facial innovations available.

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Ages 70+

Those 70+ seek plastic surgery procedures to rejuvenate their appearance and maintain a sense of vitality and confidence in their later years. Popular procedures included face and neck lifts, eyelid surgery and skin resurfacing to contribute to a more youthful, energetic look allowing them to feel confident as they live life on their own terms.

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The annual questionnaire was distributed to more than 24,600 ABMS board-certified physicians. Data from 1,656 active physicians was included in the final sample.


To give the data added breadth and to provide a more comprehensive report, where indicated, ASPS combined survey responses with procedural data from CosmetAssure.


The results of the survey are based on a 95 percent confidence level with a ±4.27 percent margin of error.


ASPS is dedicated to bringing you the most accurate and reliable data in the specialty. For 2023, the Society used data from member surgeons and from an affiliated company – CosmetAssure. Combined, these sources give the data added breadth and depth to provide a more comprehensive report, strengthening credibility as a resource for doctors, patients, researchers and the media.


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