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Richard H. Kutz, MD, MPH

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Richard H. Kutz, MD, MPH

Dr. Kutz is an experienced Harvard-trained Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He is double-board certified in General Surgery (Dartmouth) as well as Plastic Surgery (Harvard) and has extensive experience operating on all areas of the body. His practice includes all areas of cosmetic, hand, and reconstructive surgery with special interest in breast surgery (augmentation, lift, reduction, and reconstruction), tummy-tuck, facelifts, and rhinoplasty providing cosmetic and breathing procedures.

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Meet Dr. Richard Kutz

Dr. Kutz graduated from the Penn State College of Medicine before completing a general surgery residency at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. While at Dartmouth, he earned a Master of Public Health degree focusing on healthcare improvement. Dr. Kutz then completed his fellowship in plastic surgery (including hand and microsurgery) in the Harvard Plastic Surgery Program, with training at Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Additionally, he received training in pediatric plastic surgery at Children’s Hospital Boston and in burn reconstruction at Shriner’s Hospital Boston. Following training he has practiced at Plastic and Hand Surgical Associates in South Portland, Maine since 2011.

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Selecting a plastic surgeon is an important medical decision. Dr. Kutz believes the keys to selecting a surgeon include education, experience, a focus on safety, and development of a rapport and trust between patient and surgeon. Dr. Kutz's philosophy is to first understand your personal goals and desired changes, and to then recommend the best program to tailor the treatment to achieve optimal results. Regarding safety, our surgery center is staffed by experienced nurses and physician assistants running two full-scale operating rooms. Unlike many other plastic surgery facilities in Maine, procedures performed under general anesthesia in our surgery center are attended by board-certified anesthesiologists who are present throughout the duration of your procedure and recovery. 
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Patient Testimonials

Tummy Tuck - Love all the staff. Dr Kutz did an amazing job on loose belly skin removal.
Tummy Tuck - "Love all the staff. Dr. Kutz did an amazing job on loose belly skin removal!"
Hand Surgery - "He was excellent! I had a wrist that was holding me back from knitting, kayaking, other words it was a real pain. Dr. Kutz fixed it with minor surgery that has given me back the activities that I love. Thank you Dr. Kutz."

Procedures Performed

Arm Lift

Body Contouring

Body Lift

Botulinum Toxin

Breast Augmentation

Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Revision

Breast Lift

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Brow Lift

Burn Reconstruction

Cheek Augmentation

Chin Augmentation

Chin Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery & Computer Imaging

Dermal Fillers

Deviated Septum Correction

Ear Reconstruction Surgery

Ear Surgery

Endoscopic Technique

Eyelid Surgery


Free Flap Breast Reconstruction

Gender Affirmation Surgery

General Reconstruction

Giant Nevi Removal

Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery for Congenital Differences

Head and Neck Cancer Reconstruction

Head and Neck Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Injectable Fillers

Laser Hair Removal

Lip Augmentation/Enhancement


Lymphedema Treatment

Male Breast Reduction


Mommy Makeover

Neck Lift

Nonsurgical Fat Reduction


Scar Revision

Skin Cancer Removal

Skull/Facial Bone Reconstruction

Thigh Lift

TRAM Flap Breast Reconstruction

Tummy Tuck

Vascular Malformations

Ask A Surgeon

Ask a Surgeon

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Fat transfer/breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Member Response:

Both have positives and negatives. Silicone implants today are much better than the implants from years ago and are predictable in terms of the size and to a large extent shape change you'd like to see, so for that they are more of a sure thing for the result than fat is. However at your age statistically you would likely need another surgery in your lifetime in relation to the implants (size change, malposition over time, capsule or implant tightening...etc.). With fat it is your tissue and no implant so it is the "ideal". The tradeoffs are typically that roughly 50% of the fat will take, and of that 50% that takes there are some patients who can't maintain it and slowly lose it over time (usually years). To get 2 cup sizes larger you will presumably need 2-3 rounds of fat grafting to get there so that's 2-3 surgeries. Finally, the fat that doesn't take may also form oil cysts or calcified areas that can be felt and can occasionally need revision, or be seen on a mammogram.

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Patient Testimonials

Tummy Tuck - Love all the staff. Dr Kutz did an amazing job on loose belly skin removal.
Tummy Tuck - "Love all the staff. Dr. Kutz did an amazing job on loose belly skin removal!"
Hand Surgery - "He was excellent! I had a wrist that was holding me back from knitting, kayaking, other words it was a real pain. Dr. Kutz fixed it with minor surgery that has given me back the activities that I love. Thank you Dr. Kutz."
Our Staff Rocks! -- Plastic and Hand doctors; nurses; office staff are exemplary in their client care. I live 1.5 hours away and often arrived early. The staff steps in for one another without batting an eye in an effort to reduce wait time. They’re so helpful, happy and enthusiastic. I have never seen a more effective or professional medical center in my life! They all need raises. Whatever they’re doing should be used as a template for ALL medical offices. They made me feel comfortable and cared for during a bleak period of time in my life. I’m forever grateful….
Tummy Tuck / Lower Body Lift / Liposuction - "I have had 2 procedures done with Dr. Kutz and his medical team. I am absolutely 100% satisfied with the results of my procedures and the support/aftercare provided. I have called and had questions answered in a timely manner and the aesthetics were exactly what I wanted. If you are looking for professional, person centered and compassionate care, please talk with Dr. Kutz."
Breast Augmentation - "28 Years Old, 34 A to 34 D with Silicone 400 cc Implants - Dr. Richard Kutz at South Portland Plastic and Hand is AMAZING. He answered hundreds of questions from me via email pre-surgery. Dr. Kutz even called me at home several times postoperatively to check on me while I was recovering. He REALLY knows what he's doing and I got EXACTLY everything I wanted from this surgery. Dr. Kutz made me feel so much more comfortable about having surgery and he was extremely thorough and knowledgeable about the subject. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kutz to everyone who wants a GREAT Doctor and great outcomes."
Rhinoplasty and Breast Augmentation - "I had an amazing experience with Dr. Kutz to get rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. I had been searching for a trustworthy doctor around the world to get a rhinoplasty and enhance breathing problems. Not only that, but also to get breast augmentation since I lost weight, I had become self conscious, so I searched about the best doctors for that on the East coast until I found Dr. Kutz and from the first visit I felt I was in safe hands and I felt great how he understood what I want. I had my surgery for both nose and breasts almost a month ago and I'm really satisfied how the results become! I couldn't ask for more!"
Mommy Makeover / Tummy Tuck / Liposuction - "Wonderful experience! I highly recommend Dr. Kutz. My experience was and still is wonderful. Dr. Kutz and his medical staff have been attentive to every need and question I’ve had for my procedure. I had a tummy tuck and skin removal surgery. Dr. Kutz is an amazing surgeon, the results are stunning. I always felt very comfortable asking him and his staff any questions, I called a few times because I didn’t quite know what to expect and I was always answered in a timely manner. I also explained certain concerns about trouble areas, Dr. Kutz was very receptive to my concerns and took extra care of the areas that I was worried about. I would definitely use him again and would highly recommend him."
Rhinoplasty - I saw Dr. Kutz last week for a full reconstruction of my nose . I was the victim of a domestic violence incident. I got a lot of “no I don’t feel comfortable taking this surgery on “ before I found Dr. Kutz and Dr. Megan Abbott who combined took on my case . I have to say right from the pre op appointment on there was nothing but consideration for what I had been through . The staff seemed to be extremely knowledgeable about what to do with a patient that has been through trauma . My experience with my nurse Shawna could not have been any better. She went above and beyond to make sure I knew I was safe and everything was going to be fine . She was beyond amazing . And Sara took me into the OR and made sure I felt the same. Again I am very impressed by the measures the team went to, to make sure I didn’t feel triggered and or any additional stress . Very grateful for all involved.
Tummy Tuck - It took me about seven years of wanting (and debating) an abdominoplasty (full tummy tuck) before I decided to do it - and the only reason that finally convinced me was finding the right surgeon. Dr. Richard H. Kutz is the best out there. He is exceptionally professional, incredibly smart at what he does, and a perfectionist in his work. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Kutz provided the information I needed, answered my questions fully, and completely prepared me for this procedure and the recovery. There have been no surprises in this entire process, other than the amazing results I have experienced so quickly into recovery - due to his exceptional surgical work. I am forever grateful for his work as he has changed my life for the better, and I could not recommend Dr. Kutz enough.
Rhinoplasty - "Overjoyed by my new nose! Dr. Kutz and his staff are wonderful. He took a lot of time explaining about my procedure and answering all my questions. The day of surgery I was very nervous, but knowing I was in good hands helped to dramatically reduce my stress. I could not be happier with my results and highly recommend Dr. Kutz!"
Facelift - I saw Dr. Kutz, for an upper blepharoplasty facelift and neck lift. Dr. Kutz is an outstanding doctor. I had consults from other places, but once I met him, I knew he was the one. He is very kind, humble and has a great sense of humor. I am just amazed at the improvements he was able to make to my eyes, face and neck. He is highly skilled and did such an amazing job! If you are nervous at all about taking the leap for cosmetic surgery, I recommend Dr. Kutz! My experience with Plastic And Hand was positive. It’s a very busy place with many doctors, medical staff and office staff. Dr. Kutz, has a very nice team of sweet nurses, Jenny and Stephanie are great! If you’re thinking about cosmetic surgery, please go get a consultation with Dr. Kutz and let him show you the before and after pictures of his patients. I think he’s the best!
Breast Reconstruction after Double Mastectomy - "Many Visits with Dr. Kutz, he was always on time, explained clearly to me the procedures. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kutz."
Breast Augmentation Revision - "Removal of old silicone breast implants and replacement with new, Age 50, 350 cc, Feeling Fabulous!"
Tummy Tuck / Liposuction - "Dr. Kutz Earns 6 Stars out of 5 - Dr. Kutz has an amazing bedside manner, is very well educated, down to Earth and extremely skilled. He talked to me in a way I could understand without giving me the feeling, as some surgeons do, that he was "dumbing down" his vocabulary or talking down to me. I feel he genuinely wants the best possible outcome for me and was truly happy when I was happy with my results. Although I am still very early in the healing process, I cannot see his disposition changing. His staff is polite, competent, responsive and eager to help. All the staff in this office is pleasant, they all seem so happy to see you. You feel like they all know you, personally. There is a very comforting feeling when your doctor and his staff are genuinely happy to see you."
Awesome visit very professional and informative the kind of bed side matter you want in a doctor.
25, Rhinoplasty - "Dr. Kutz reduced the nostril size, removed (most of, potentially all) the dorsal hump, and pinch the tip together to give it a less bulbous appearance. Recovery has not been nearly as bad as expected. Overall had an excellent experience with Plastic and Hand and Dr. Kutz. Would recommend anyone going there. Prior to the consult I called a few different offices around the state to ask about consultation cost, seeing before and after photos and basic questions. All the consultation costs were about the same, but Plastic and Hand was the most courteous and informative from the initial call. The receptionist recommended I contact Dr. Richard Kutz by email first to ask questions. He responded quickly and even said he would take a look at photos of my nose via email prior to a consultation. Was VERY impressed with that. Scheduled a consultation (was able to get in the next week) and paid the consultation fee, which was later applied into my overall surgery cost. For the consult I was mailed forms to fill out prior, so paperwork when I arrived was minimal. The surgery was purely cosmetic, so unsure how billing insurance would change the process. Was offered water and coffee, and only had a short wait. Met the nurse Jenny, who works with Dr. Kutz, and she was incredibly sweet. I gave her some information and then met Dr. Kutz. He was absolutely excellent from the start. Was clear about what he could/couldn't achieve for results with surgery. My goal was a natural looking, but smaller, end result. That seems to be his specialty, so it was a perfect fit. He took pictures for my "Before" and we sat down with them as he explained what he could change. (He explained editing pictures can give a sense of what the nose will look like, but photo editing software doesn't take into account how the nose is structured, therefore, not everything that can be edited can actually be done.) He answered all of my questions while being personable, funny, professional and incredibly knowledgable. Walked out of the room ready to book. Sat in the waiting room for a few minutes until we met with Bonnie (again, excellent, as all the staff are) to receive the quote. Starting tearing up right in her office that I would finally be getting a rhinoplasty! Feeling great! Happy with the results and friends and family are shocked!"
I have had 2 procedures done with Dr Kutz and his medical team. I am absolutely 100% satisfied with the results of my procedures and the support/aftercare provided. I have called and had questions answered in a timely manner and the aesthetics were exactly what I wanted. If you are looking for professional, person centered and compassionate care, please talk with Dr Kutz.
Breast Reduction - I had a breast reduction procedure done by Dr. Kutz in June and I still can’t believe the results. Plastic & Hand and their staff made the whole process so seamless - from working with my insurance to the procedure itself, I can’t recommend them enough. They took great care of me, I never felt like I was making the wrong decision or that I was being rushed. A nurse sat and chatted with me for what seemed like hours after the surgery to make sure I was feeling well enough to get up, it was amazing. Having seen family members be rushed out of the hospital after procedures, this gesture went a long way. And Dr. Kutz is amazing. He came highly recommended by several friends of mine so I already knew I’d be in great hands. He’s so down to earth, funny and totally helped me achieve the results I was looking for. Again, I can’t recommend them enough!
Breast Reduction - "Dr. Kutz performed my breast reduction in 2014. He was very helpful, knowledgeable and encouraged questions. He and his friendly staff went out of their way to make the process easier on me. He even performed a follow-up surgery (to remove deposits of fat from the sides) for free. I am very happy with the results of my surgery and would highly recommend Dr. Kutz."
FTM Top Surgery - "I just had Top Surgery yesterday! The nurses were so nice and overall it was an incredibly positive experience. I am so glad that I choose to go there. Very grateful to Dr. Kutz for doing the operation, he was very professional and always open to questions. After surgery I didn't feel like I was taking up space in the recovery area. I just sat and drank water and I felt very comfortable and not at all rushed to leave!"
Hand - The Doctors are professional & caring. Dr. Richard Kutz performed surgery on my hand & fingers due to an injury. Thanks to Dr. Kutz my hand & fingers are fully functional.
Breast Augmentation - "I am a 41 year old mom who has been a size A cup ever since giving birth to my daughter. My breasts just shrunk! I sought out a couple other surgeons prior to Dr. Kutz. What I got from them was "go big or go home"...Not what I wanted to hear. What I wanted was breasts that looked natural, not fake. I wanted my original pre-mom breasts back! Dr. Kutz did just that! He gave me breasts so real looking that my own doctor was fooled! To the touch they feel real. Proportioned to my body they look real. Even the way my breasts slope from the top...not rounded over, they seem real! I look and feel so beautiful. Dr. Kutz is amazing! I recommend him to any family or friend looking to advance their breasts (big or small) Not only is he a very skilled surgeon, he has a great bedside manner and a sense of humor. He is determined to get the results the patient wants and not "bigger is better" theme. Also, the O.R. there is so clean and operated with such organization. All the staff are extremely caring and polite. My experience was fantastic! I am currently 3 months post surgery. Plastic and Hand Surgical associates...It's as real as it gets!"
Breast Reduction - "Best Surgical Experience - Had a breast reduction done and could not be happier with my experience with Dr. Kutz. He was incredibly informative about the procedure and what to anticipate prior to and after the procedure. He was very helpful the day of surgery with answering last minute questions and making the atmosphere less stressful. He stopped by post operatively to check in and reassure me that the procedure went well and as planned. He truly listened to what I hoped for with my procedural outcome and absolutely delivered results that I could not be happier with! My recovery has been seamless and I know that should be fully attributed to his flawless surgery! I could not recommend Dr. Kutz highly enough... remarkable surgeon and experience!"
Breast Reduction - "I thought about doing this for years before I did it. I was a 38DDD. My reduction made me a 38C. It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I no longer have back problems. I look better and I feel better. The dents in my shoulders are gone. The visits to the chiropractor have stopped. I put this off for years because I was afraid of the end result. I should have done this years ago!"
Our Staff Rocks! -- Feels Like Family. Customer service is wonderful with comfort. Courteous , very detailed, professional staff.
Breast Augmentation - "I am incredibly happy with Dr. Richard Kutz at South Portland Plastic and Hand. He answered tons of my questions via email pre-surgery and completely put me at ease about having a breast augmentation. My husband and I could tell right away that Dr. Kutz was extremely thorough and he really took the time to get an idea of exactly what I wanted. Dr. Kutz was highly knowledgeable about this subject and I felt completely comfortable with him doing my surgery. My postoperative outcome is EXACTLY what I wanted and I could not be happier. I highly recommend Dr. Kutz to absolutely everyone and I would see him again without hesitation."

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