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Collagen fillers will result in a natural look, improving wrinkles, lines and scars. A collagen lip injection will produce a fuller appearance. If the collagen used was from human sources, the area will be overfilled and will look that way at first. But this will soon disperse to yield a more natural look.

In addition to filling in wrinkles and creases, collagen injections can be used to:

  • Plump up creased and sunken areas
  • Add fullness to your cheeks or other facial areas
  • Reduce frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Reduce worry lines across the forehead
  • Decrease crow's feet at the corner of the eyes
  • Treat deep smile lines, called nasolabial furrows, from the side of the nose to corners of the mouth
  • Define the lip border
  • Eliminate vertical lines on the mouth as well as those at the corners
  • Decrease acne scars and other soft facial scars
  • Add volume to your lips



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