American Society of Plastic Surgeons
For Medical Professionals

Senior Management Team

Michael D. Costelloe, JD
Executive Vice President
(847) 228-3336

Mark Espinosa
Staff Senior Vice President / Chief Financial Officer
(847) 228-3341

Gina McClure
Staff Senior Vice President / Chief Operating Officer / Executive Director, The Plastic Surgery Foundation
(847) 228-3312

Jennifer Cross
Staff Vice President of Business Development and Affiliate Relations / Chief Operating Officer, Plastic Surgery Practice Solutions
(847) 228-3320

Ion Despoiu
Staff Vice President of Business Technology and Innovation
(847) 228-3328

Renée Robbins
Staff Vice President of Education and Development
(847) 228-3362

Mike Stokes
Staff Vice President of Communications & Membership
(847) 228-3332

Yassie Dunn
Director of Membership and International Programs
(847) 228-9319

John Everson
Director of Marketing and Creative Services
(847) 228-3351

Patrick Hermes
Director of Government Relations, Political Affairs and Health & Payment Policy
(847) 228-3331

Amy Hughes
Director of Public Relations
(847) 228-3342

Maria Jones
Director of PSF Clinical Operations
(847) 981-5410

Lauren Kantenwein
Director of Human Resources and Facilities
(847) 228-3352

Trinh Le
Director of Meetings, Events and Exhibits
(847) 228-3375

Peggy Pissarreck
Director of Governance and Compliance
(847) 228-3334

Katie Sommers
Director of Research and Scientific Affairs
(847) 228-3355

Amanda Taylor
Director of Consulting, Business Development
(224) 808-1681

Leslie Twine
Director of Project Management Office
(847) 981-5426

Aaron Weinstein
Editorial Director
(469) 801-4405

Ariel Allea
Senior Manager of Education Operations
(847) 981-5409

Jessie Urban
Senior Manager of Accounting, Controller
(847) 228-3316


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