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Dr. 90210! returns with cast of female plastic surgeons

Dr. 90210 returns with female plastic surgeons

A reboot of "Dr. 90210" returns to E! this fall with an all-female plastic surgeon cast in Beverly Hills. The groundbreaking reality show will follow ASPS members Cat Begovic, MD, Kelly Killeen, MD, Michelle Lee, MD, and Suzanne Quardt, MD, around the "Mecca of plastic surgery" as they perform life-changing procedures while balancing their career, family and personal lives.

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Dr. Begovic says she pitched the concept to the network after noticing a need to portray plastic surgery in a positive light on TV – one that was meaningful, inspirational and shared the empowering stories of plastic surgery patients. The show is five years in the making.

"Botched has been a successful show for E! and we briefly considered having me join it, but they were excited by the idea of having a female plastic surgery show," she recalls. "After several meetings, it became evident that TV also needed female positive programming. This evolved into a female plastic surgery ensemble. This show is so near and dear to my heart. It's the culmination of years of time and effort finally coming to fruition."

Inspiring the next generation of female surgeons

Women comprise 92 percent of all plastic surgery patients, yet they are still underrepresented in the male-dominated specialty, accounting for only 15 percent of plastic surgeons. Dr. Begovic hopes spotlighting female surgeons in this revival series will inspire young girls and women to achieve anything they dream.

"I hope this show encourages women to be themselves and believe in themselves and to know that life is full of possibilities," she adds.

What viewers can expect this season

Viewers can expect to see a variety of plastic surgery procedures this season ranging from excess skin removal, third breast extraction and a double mastectomy, to facial cysts and post-childbirth vaginal rejuvenations. Dr. Begovic notes the patients and their stories are the most impactful part of the series. Be prepared to smile and shed some tears, she warns.

"You will laugh, you will cry, you will be inspired, and it will change you," she says. "It did all of those things for me during the filming."

Highlighting the life-changing impact of plastic surgery

In addition to educating the public on the importance of seeking a board-certified plastic surgeon – a doctor with more than six years of surgical training and experience, with at least three years specifically in plastic surgery – Dr. Begovic wants viewers to see how plastic surgery changes people's lives.

"I hope that plastic surgery is not just viewed as something superficial or vain but transformative," she says. "As I say in the intro to the show "plastic surgery may seem like it's all about the outside but it's really all about the inside."

Join the "Dr. 90210" conversation on the ASPS Patient Community!

Dr. 90210 will air on Sept 28th on E! Network.

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