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2014 Patients of Courage

Bibi Aisha

Bibi Aisha's nose and ears were brutally amputated when she was a child in Afghanistan. After 12 surgeries and a remarkable transformation that has restored Aisha's appearance, she is described as the "epitome of bravery" by her plastic surgeon Lt. Col. Kerry P. Latham, MD, of Walter Reed. Now Aisha says she wants to show other people that "women, girls are as strong as a man."

Marine Cpl. Tyler Southern

Marine Cpl. Tyler Southern lost both his legs and his right arm after an IED exploded during his tour of duty in Afghanistan. After years of reconstructive surgery, Tyler remains hopeful and optimistic. He is working to improve the lives of other wounded soldiers through Wounded Wear.

Carol Rech

When Carol Rech was diagnosed with Stage IIIC breast cancer in 2006, she told her daughter Erika about a woman she met who was struggling financially. Erika was so moved that she co-founded Breast Intentions, a charity whose mission is to provide crisis intervention for women battling breast cancer and facing financial hardships. Carol has used her experience with breast cancer and breast reconstruction to personally help more than 225 women.


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