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Get glowing for the holidays: Noninvasive pick-me-ups for the season ahead

noninvasive pick-me-ups for the holiday season

The holiday season may be all about making everything around you merry and bright, but one thing often overlooked when it comes to that beautiful seasonal radiance is your complexion. It's just so easy to forget to take a moment for yourself and to prep your skin to get glowing when you're focused on the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

With packed schedules, endless items on your to-do list and barely any time to spare, what can you do to get prepped for the holiday season? Many turn to noninvasive procedures to get a quick glow-up. They are an easier alternative to traditional plastic surgery and offer beautiful, radiant results with little to no downtime required, allowing you to keep things festive all season long.

To further examine the benefits of noninvasive procedures in getting prepped for the holidays and to advise us on which ones to consider, we've reached out to two experts in the field – Ashley Amalfi, MD, and Lara Devgan, MD – to gather their insights.

Benefits of noninvasive procedures during the holiday season

There is likely an endless list of traveling, family events, get-togethers with friends and work parties on your holiday to-do list. With a packed schedule and the holidays approaching quickly, there is very little time for rest and recovery following a traditional plastic surgery procedure. This is where noninvasive procedures can help. These procedures are typically less invasive than traditional surgeries and require less downtime for recovery.

"Noninvasive procedures generally require little to no downtime, which makes them ideally suited for this hectic and busy time of year," said Devgan. "Injectables, lasers, skin resurfacing and topicals can all be powerful modalities for sprucing up during the holidays while avoiding the need for surgery, anesthesia, scars, recovery and significant downtime that might necessitate time away from travel, exercise and seeing loved ones."

Minimally invasive procedures do require less downtime, but it's important to realize you shouldn't necessarily expect to go straight from the plastic surgeon's office to your holiday party.

"I am seeing so many patients for their neurotoxins and injectables before the holidays," said Amalfi. "Typically, you need about a week of downtime before a big holiday party or event as you may have some swelling or bruising. But most of my patients are comfortable just putting some cover-up on and heading out on the town."

Noninvasive procedures to get you glowing for the holidays

If you're ready to get glowing, there are a few noninvasive procedures that can help you get there with very little downtime needed.

"A refresh on your neurotoxin and updates on some fillers will leave you looking youthful and radiant for the holiday season," said Amalfi. "The Botox smooths the forehead, and the filler takes care of any unwanted lines or shadows to keep you looking your best. A chemical peel or HydraFacial can help give your skin that added refresh."

These minimally invasive procedures may seem simple, but they can address many aesthetic concerns.

"The most popular and powerful ways to rejuvenate with minimal downtime are injectables such as neuromodulators and fillers," said Devgan. "With judicious use of these techniques, we can smooth the skin, symmetrize the eyebrows, tighten the tissues, contour the face and make micro-adjustments not just to furrows, but also to bone structure, nasal contour, lip fullness and brightness of the under eyes."

In addition to injectables, microneedling and lasers are great options to improve skin appearance and texture without too much downtime.

"Microinfusion microneedling and lasers can also be helpful techniques to improve skin quality," said Devgan. "Done with mindfulness about needle depth and energy settings, downtime can be minimized to create a healthy and radiant glow to the skin."

A final noninvasive option that is often overlooked and underestimated is topicals.

"In my own practice and on my own face, I love and use my skincare line, Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty, and I recommend that patients try our at-home micropeel," said Devgan. "Using my three core essential serums, the Serum Superheroes, as well as my powerful Microdermabrasion Scrub, you can achieve bright, hydrated skin, tighter pores, reduced fine lines and a clear and even complexion."

Tips to maximize your results

As with any procedure, there are a few key methods to implement that will help maximize your results and get you glowing in no time.

Always plan ahead

It's easy to forget to schedule a pre-holiday appointment for touch-ups before the season really kicks off. Take the step now to plan ahead and make sure that you have it worked into your schedule before things truly take off.

"Check out your calendar and make sure that you have your appointment scheduled with about a week of time to lay low and get your procedures to look and feel your best at the holiday events," said Amalfi.

Practice a healthy lifestyle

Maintaining healthy practices won't entirely stave off the need for your regular touch-ups, but they can and will have a noticeable effect on your appearance.

"To help maximize the results of a noninvasive procedure, try to maintain healthy overall lifestyle habits," said Devgan. "Abstain from alcohol, tobacco, nicotine products, illicit drugs and extremes in lifestyle like rapid changes in weight and excessive sleep deprivation. Moderation allows the body to maintain its natural homeostasis, which is helpful for maintaining appearance and procedures as well."

Stick to your routine

One of the most exciting aspects of the holiday season is the potential to travel. Whether you're heading home to visit family or taking a quick trip overseas to somewhere warm and sunny, it's important to keep your normal routine.

"Even in the face of holiday travel, it's also important to stick to your routine," said Devgan. "Do what makes you feel good. Make sure you're getting enough rest, taking care of your body, eating a nutritious and balanced diet, staying well hydrated and keeping up with your skincare routine."

Keep up with your skincare

No matter how hectic and busy your schedule gets this holiday season, always take the time to keep up with your skincare routine.

"Key skincare treatments are hyaluronic acid, vitamin CBE ferulic acid serum, peptide-based eye cream, retinol bakuchiol serum, hydrating vitamin E moisturizing cream and zinc- and titanium-based SPF," said Devgan.

Maximizing your glow for the holidays

No matter how busy and exciting the holiday season becomes for you, don't forget to take a moment to prepare your skin to glow just as bright as the festive lights. You can get a quick and easy pick-me-up with noninvasive procedures that will leave your skin radiant and smooth, with a glow that lasts into the new year.

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